an official bag addict

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  1. Hello,

    I just joined and wanted to say that I'm addicted. I have avoided buying a designer handbag for years now because I have a minor shopping addiction and as I get a taste for something nice, I want more and it always seems to get more and more expensive!

    Well yesterday I splurged on a large Carly Coach in plum leather. It was $318 and soo much cheaper than the $500 original price tag.

    Well now the problem sets in...I just put a bid on a Foley and Corinna jet setter and my husbands going to kill me! lol...I need to get a job to cover up my addiction.
  2. Hi and welcome, mrsthomas. :flowers:

    I think, as long as you're spending what you can afford to, that's fine - but if not, maybe try to take a step back and really enjoy what you've just purchased, before placing any more bids?! :biggrin:
  3. Welcome to TPF! You will love this's perfect for purse lovers. You will fall in love with new bags here, be alerted to all sorts of hot deals and sales going on and make many new friends to discuss purses with. It's addicting and way too much fun :graucho:
  4. My addiction started last summer, and tPF can at least help you make sure you're investing your "addiction money" into some good stuff! :yes: But I've found I want more and more styles after seeing so many other pretty pretties around here.

    Greetings and welcome!
  5. Welcome! You'll love it here...
  6. yes! welcome! I am a bag addict and this site is the best site ever! you will be able to spend hours on here! Congrats on your new bags!
  7. You are certainly welcome here. Personally, I am disgusted by my own addiction w/ handbags and handbag accessories. I have sooo many more things that I value incredibly more, such as my fitness, the environment, electronics in general, my career goals, my education. However, the damned handbags won't leave me alone or rather I won't leave them alone...

    It would be fine if I could pay them all their deserving attention, but the balance tips toward bags. Shame on me.
  8. welcome to tPF from a fellow bag addict!
  9. The Coach Large Plum Carly is a gorgeous bag. I have the same bag that I bought last Christmas and I couldn't be more happier with my decision to buy this bag. It's so roomy and the leather is so yummy. Congrats to you and maybe you should enjoy your Carly first before buying another bag.