An Offer I Couldn't Refuse...

  1. Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to this forum - I actually started out on the Chanel boards but until now have only read, and not posted.

    I just wanted to share my first Hermes experience with all of you ladies. I live/work in the Boston area, and paid my first visit to the Hermes store yesterday. I was armed with a TON of useful advice and information from this invaluable forum (thank you ladies!), and picked up this scarf:

    and the wide black clic clac in silver. both items weren't in the store, so the SA ordered them for me and they will be arriving by end of this week.

    the SA i met was really friendly, and showed me a lot of things including a red goatskin kelly 28, which was beautiful, but a bit small for my preferences. i told her that i love the kelly, but prefer the birkin because it's more easily accessible. i made sure NOT to ask for a birkin specifically, but just asked her questions about them. she was great - she asked me if i was interested in a call if any happened to pop up and be available, and i said yes, thinking maybe she'll call in 6 months, maybe she won't call at all!

    later last night, i got a call from her saying that my orders for the scarf and bracelet were placed, and one more exciting piece of news - someone had just turned down a special order BIRKIN and it was available!!! :nuts:

    the stats:
    birkin 35
    palladium hardware
    white stitching

    i was unfortunately already at home and frankly shocked to be offered one so quickly, so i asked if i could come today and see it first thing when the store opened. so this morning i stopped by there at 10am, and the wonderful SA had put it aside for me with a note that i was stopping by! she had her day off, but another SA who was also really friendly showed me the bag. it was BEAUTIFUL. the 35 is smaller in person than i had pictured. i love chartreuse - it's very subtle for a green, and can be matched with a lot of colors.

    oh, and more bit of luck - the price on the bag was pre-price increase, so it was $7400 instead of $7800!!

    so, i thought about it for about 5 minutes - the SA told me that I had an hour to decide, then the other SA's would be calling their customers. so i TOOK it! :yahoo: i never expected to get a birkin so fast, but i lucked out! i'm picking it up after work today (don't really want to carry a huge orange bag and box to the office!) and will take some pictures tonight. the SA then told me that if i wanted any other colors, i could be put on the list when it opens.

    so that's my first-time hermes story, and it was wonderful - the hermes store is so beautiful, i want everything in it! the SA's there are also wonderful - not intimidating at all, and so helpful.

    i have to say, after you cross over the hermes line, lv and dior just don't feel the same anymore! :p

    thanks so much for listening ladies, have a nice day!
  2. wow, what luck! congratulations!!!!! :love:
  3. Wow!!! That is incredible!! congrats!
  4. :yahoo: Congrats!!! What a fantastic first time!!!
  5. What a lucky thing... that birkin is on my wish list... welcome and congrats on such a great bag....:yahoo:
  6. Now that is fate!!! Congratulations! Can't wait for pics!!:yahoo:
  7. Congrats! What a great story :yes: ... thanks for posting ... absolutely enjoyed reading it ...
  8. what a wonderful are so lucky. I can't wait to see the pic. You must be thinking about the birkin all day at work.
  9. Wow - I'm so happy for you! What a great story!
  10. thanks everyone! i still can't believe how lucky i got - still in shock! and YES, i'm thinking about the birkin all day at work - don't know how i'm gonna make it through the day.

    i'll post up some pictures tonight!
  11. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics of your new beauty!!
  12. congratulations, what a lovely story, can't wait to see the pics
  13. Wow, awesome story!! Congratulations, she sounds beautiful!! ^_^
  14. Fate and some amazing timing! Congratulations and share those pictures please!
  15. OMG, what a great story. It sounds beautiful