An ode to my bag!

  1. When I first laid eyes upon you,
    I knew you would be mine,
    What I didn't know however,
    was how hard you'd be to find.
    I didn't even know your name
    or what family from you came
    but after admiring you from afar,
    I knew that had to change.
    I dreampt about your luscious skin,
    your golden highlights too,
    I couldn't wait to touch,
    really explore inside of you.
    I asked and looked for months on end
    and finally gleaned a clue,
    an intimate spot on the corner of 6th,
    they said I might find you.
    The day has come and I'm standing here,
    afraid to go inside.
    What if she's not the one for me?
    What if, to myself, I've lied?
    I finally spot my dream come true,
    she's on a pedestal like throne,
    I asked the man who's guarding her,
    "How much to take her home?"
    Startled by the price he quoted,
    I could have a few or many,
    then she whispered coyly,
    "I'm worth every penny!"
    I couldn't wait til I got her home,
    so before we left the joint,
    I had to try her out for size and she didn't disappoint!
    LOL, yeah I really do love my handbag!
  2. Haha- that's so great! So do we get to find out which bag inspired such :heart:???
  3. omg... that really does capture the lust!!!
  4. that is just utterly adorable :}
  5. It's a Bulga handbag. :tup:
  6. That's hilarious!
  7. Which one? I think I need it!
  8. haha, that's so cute! ;)
  9. Hahhahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! :roflmfao:

    "You know your handbag obsession has gone too far when..."
  10. that is too cute
  11. The Studded Leather Tote, I want it in a rainbow of colors!
  12. Just when you thought romance was dead.... :smile:
  13. Oh! You are sooooo creative! I love it.
  14. you made my day - im printing it out :smile: