An ode to a stylish mother

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  1. I was looking online for photos of suits trying to determine exactly what I wanted and I came across this

    A woman honours her mothers life after she passes away by wearing her AMAZING clothing in 52 weekly photo shoots.

    What an amazingly stylish woman, and an amazing daughter!
  2. Those clothes are stunning. I especially like the white confirmation suit. Thank you for sharing this blog.
  3. wow, really wow. I so wish I save some of my mother clothes, she was so stylish, but I was young and stupid...
  4. Thank you for sharing this! What a sweet way to remember your mother and what beautiful vintage pieces.
  5. That is really touching - I loved reading it.
  6. This is beautiful, very touching! :heart:
  7. How cool, thanks for sharing this!
  9. This is why I save most of my clothing....I think fashion helps to tell a story of your life...what you were like during different periods of time. I hope one day my daughters will look at my things and wear them if they want, and also be able to imagine the person that I was when I was wearing them!

    I love this blog....beautiful clothes and a wonderful way for her to remember her Mom.
  10. not my mother. i have no idea who these people are. but i came across the website by accident! love it though :smile:
  11. Bluejinx........Sorry about that. I must have read it too quickly! Anyway, whoever it is, they've really given their Mother a Beautiful Tribute. I'm glad it wasn't your mother:heart:
  12. this is so special, thank you for posting. I have some bags, clothes and accessories that were my mums and my grans, both of them are still here and gave me the things to wear and enjoy so this is very touching to me and i will keep these things forever. the clothes in the blog are beautiful
  13. This is my feeling as well - clothing is part of your history.