An MJ virgin needs your help!

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  1. Hi guys,

    So I'm thinking of getting a MJ Zip Clutch in black w/ gold hardware. I can't decide between the quilted or plain? I'm leaning towards the plain one right now just because it seems more versatile too.

    I was browsing some posts and came across "so-cool" leather? What is this?

    Also, on the gold have many of you had chipping problems? How long normally does it start to happen in? I will use my wallet as my only one and also probably as a clutch a lot.

    I'm so excited! But the few concerns I do have are holding me back.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I prefer quilted, but really you can't go wrong. So cool leather is lighter and thinner than regular soft calf leather. It is also more prone to wrinkling. I haven't had any hardware chipping problems on any of my bags or SLGs, but it has been known to happen. A lot of it depends on how you use your ZC.
  3. I like the smooth calf because it has an extra pocket in the back.... the quilted ones from what I remember don't have it. I find that pocket to be really useful when you need to put something in quickly without having to zip open the wallet.
  4. i prefer quilted even though i don't own one for some reason. i just like the way it looks better. i've never had hw chipping issues with any of my bags or slg, but i'm not super rough on my bags either.
  5. I prefer the smooth calf over the quilting because of the extra pocket and im not too crazy about the quilted look for some reason. I also never have had any problems with any chipping. Whichever one you choose Im sure you will love it.
  6. my quilted ZC has that extra pocket in the back. it's where i stash my giftcards typically...heehee...

    since i'm pretty rough with my ZC, some of the gold on the pushlocks has come off a tiny bit, so you can see the silver metal underneath it. it's not a big deal to me, and i've used the wallet every single day for over 2 years now? the leather has held up great. the only signs of wear are on the gold pushlocks.

  7. the quilted ZCs do have a back pockets - the only ones that didn't were the first ones from F05 (the Icy and Nappa versions).

    I'm not sure if the PW versions have a back pocket - I know they're missing the front zippered pocket, which IMO, leaves it looking naked!!
  8. I would go with quilted since it adds something extra to the ZC, but you really can't go wrong with either. A ZC is great choice, my ZC was my first MJ. :smile:

    I've never had any chipping problems with the gold hw on my ZCs and I use them regularly.

    Patchwork ZC have a back pocket. I did think at first it looked a bit odd without a front zipper pocket, but I think it is fine.