An LV nightmare!

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  1. A while back someone (I think it was BagLadie) posted about having an LV dream. Well, last night I had an LV nightmare! I was at an airport and was carrying a large carry-on bag (it looked like a huge version of a trocadero) and I realized it was fake. Not only that, but the accessories I got out at the security checkpoint were even worse fakes! :throwup: I was mortified in the dream and wanted to take my stuff out of the bag and wallets and just carry it through security. Totally nightmarish!

    You know how you are primed for dreams by something you think about from during the day? Yesterday I went to my high school ten-year reunion (I was just carrying my pomme cles) and had seen a friend with the beaded LVOE canvas tote, which I complimented her on, telling her the totes were much coveted...maybe that was the trigger for my LV dream!
  2. I hate LV nightmares! I have had one myself
    When I just got mt speedy i dreamed that i left it sitting in the bus!! aaah worst dream EVER!
  3. Lol !
  4. I don't think I've had an LV nightmare, if something is gonna invade my dreams, it's my job.
  5. I always have nightmares about my bags!!!!
  6. Lol...
  7. Haha, im sorry, but its hilarious!
  8. That is a nightmare!!
  9. I know, ridiculous, right? I am clearly devoting way too much mental space to bags!
  10. Lol... !! I hope u are feeling alright now!
  11. Yes, thank you! I know there are much worse things to have anxiety dream about and can't believe I actually had a bad dream about luggage of all things!
  12. LV is beginning to rule our lives!