An LV Luggage Story

  1. So I was checking in at the Vancouver Airport today. Sending my gross old suitcases down the conveyor belt while the Not-Very-Helpful Airport Dude was standing there reminding everyone to place their suitcases "face-down" while doing nothing to help them do so.

    Then up steps this woman with two beautiful LV luggage pieces - one was a large keep-all and the other was a small suitcase. Well, she went to the desk for "special baggage" to get those big plastic bags to put over her LV. Can't blame her - I would have done the same thing - if I had the 'nads to actually CHECK my LV!!

    Anyway - the N-V-H Airport Dude then starts verbally admonishing her for bringing her "expensive" luggage to the airport!! I couldn't believe it! He was making a total spectacle of her! Here's him:
    "You know - you shouldn't buy luggage that expensive if you don't want it rubbing up against other suitcases. You should just leave that stuff at home. Why would you check that if you don't want it mixed in with the other luggage?"

    Poor lady - she totally ignored him. Which probably irritated him even more. When she was done, he called after her: "I would never have even given you those plastic bags to put over your luggage!" She walked past me and I could totally hear her swearing at him under her breath.

    I couldn't believe what a jerk he was to her!! Poor lady.

    AND HEY! IF this lady was YOU, a fellow tPFer - hats off to you for keeping your cool.
  2. I wouldn't have kept my cool. If I had been there. I would've told him to SHUT UP! Then told the lady she had nice taste in luggage.
  3. Wow the nerve of some people!
  4. how rude of him!
  5. omg..i would have asked to talk to an airport manager..that is like verbal harassment...omg...I can't believe that guy!! was he like old and she was young? ugh...what happened to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!
  6. I probably would have said something like, "It's not my problem you have poor taste," to that guy. What a jerk. Probably just jealous someone can afford to buy nicer luggage. And anyways, most luggage is fairly expensive if you want it to hold up. Sheesh, some people!
  7. Good for her for using her luggage! Wow, would've loved to have seen that!
  8. I think it's great she kept her cool. Showed total class.
    I- on the other hand- would have given him the cussing he deserved. You would have mistaken me for a sailor I'd be cussing him so bad! lmao
    I have great taste, just not quite enough class to keep my mouth shut if he'd have said that to me! lol
  9. LOL!!! I woulda done the same too! lol
  10. Id've told him to shut up too!
  11. argh. I'd make my scene, get my plastic, and then head straight for the bar for a *big* glass of chardonnay.
  12. What a mean man!!
  13. i would've asked for the manager. working at the airport does not make him a "god." i cant believe the nerve of some people. the lady showed she is educated by not stooping down to his level. hats off to her!
  14. :roflmfao: :yes: I agree.
  15. I admire her on how she handled this situation. Big credit to her tolerance to an ignorant person.