An LV Glasses Case?

  1. Does LV make an eyeglasses case? I know they have sunglasses that come in a case... but do they sell separate eyeglass ones? How adorable would it be to pull out a matching case out of your favorite LV bag when you need to put on reading glasses at a restaurant? Or just any non-LV sunglasses too. Ooh like a case in Epi leather, or a gorgeous MC one, or one with a little groom! It could be a hard case and then people could get different size ones (small for little reading glasses, extra large for all the gigantic sunglasses that are so in right now!) Does anyone know if they have any kind of cases? I'm so excited now lol :love:
  2. They have or had a couple of them...not sure if the are still current.
  3. Yeah I saw one at the SCP store around Christmas time..they're about $150-$200 I think.
  4. There is a mono eyeglasses case- can't find pics but it looks almost identical to this pen holder and costs somwhere in the $140-180 range:
  5. Cute! Does anyone know whether they ever came in other materials? The OP has got me interested in this, too! Epi would be so versatile, and vernis so cute!!!
  6. I would like to see the cases hey give with sunglasees... just for curiosity...
  7. Yes, they do make a case for eyeglasses and it is not in the shapes of the one pictured above. Kind of the shape of the way Raybans come with a snap front. I looked at them back around Christmas time and thought a bit to much for eyeglasses. I hope this helps.
  8. Don't forget the pochette lunettes (glasses) !!

    I know that the millionaire sunnies come with a little coffin, check out Deluxe Duck's collection for them. :graucho:
  9. ^Now that I love
  10. ^^^ I second that!!!:love:
  11. ^^ That is the one I was talking about.. its very nice
  12. Oh-I love that!
  13. oh, i love that lunettes case too! for now, i just have two vintage LV eyeglass pouches, both with kiss lock closures.....