An LV girl's first experience

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  1. Just wanted to share this. I had an interesting experience at Chanel in NM. I went just to look. My DH has promised that for my next birthday--which is not until August!! I can get a Chanel bag. I already have many Lvs.

    I told the sales associate I was just looking cause my husband has promised one for my birthday. I saw the small pocket in the city bag which I liked but it seems more of an everyday bag. Bubble quilt they had in brown and I was told no black.

    Then this other sales associates says come with me I have something and takes me to this closet where bags were thrown in a heap! She starts pulling stuff out and takes out 2 bags for me to look at--black flap with mademoiselle lock which I LOVED, LOVED LOVED!!! I couldn't believe how many bags were just thrown in the closet!! Some were in boxes and some were just thrown in--the bag she showed me was over $2,000 and had been just tossed in the closet.

    Well ladies, I now have a new love. I hope I can get this bag next summer or something like it. HMMM, the waiting is hard.
  2. Funny how we take such careful care of our bags as "collections" and to the sales people and company - they are inventory pieces tossed in a closet. tisk, tisk.:nogood:

    Good luck waiting for your birthday...I would go crazy!!!:nuts:
  3. So you have to wait till next August to get a Chanel? I don't know how you'll do it, but it gives you plenty of time to choose a style of bag that will work best for you.
  4. How can you wait sooooo long?
  5. How can I wait so long? Well, I just purchased a damier LV and I plan on buying an LV Azur piece in the next couple of months. Hopefully that will tie me over for a while. Keep in mind that in the last 10 or 11 months, I have bought 6 LVs.

    I can also live through you guys buy viewing your lovely purchases.

    Thanks for listening ladies. I was just a bit surprised at how crazy the "Chanel" closet was. Nevertheless, the bags were still beautiful.
Thread Status:
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