An LV-girl needs some Gucci help!

  1. Hi Gucci ladies!
    I am on the brink of purchasing my first Gucci bag and am considering the (IMHO) gorgeous "New Britt Medium Hobo" in the Black GG fabric. I love the simplicity of this piece and the price is a definite plus (since it will be my first Gucci). But, I have a few questions for owners of this piece as well as Gucci gals in general:

    1. How does the fabric hold-up over time (I'm used to LV which practically repels stains, spills, etc)?

    2. Does the black show more wear-and-tear than other colors?

    3. With this bag in particular, how does it sit when it is full (sagging, bulging)?

    4. Any other general things a new Gucci owner should know??

    I only ask because I WEAR my bags - I don't buy handbags for special occasions, but for everyday use. I want to know if this bag can withstand daily use like my LV's can. That being said, I have no problem investing in maintenance, cleaning products, and while I do wear my bags, I am still careful with them.

    So... please help me pre-purchase! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  2. Hi!

    I just got this bag for Christmas. It was my 2nd Gucci but I have only had the first for one week. So by no means am I a Gucci expert.

    3. With this bag in particular, how does it sit when it is full (sagging, bulging)?

    Since this bag is flat it will not sit by itself. However if you are just asking about how it carries it isn't too bulgy. I will take a pic when I get home but I do keep my bags FULL!
  3. IMO the canvas wears very well... I carry some of my bags for a month staright... the black doesn't show wear more I thin that the black actually shows better because you won't detect any stains like you would with the tan canvas... I also am wearer of my bags and while I am careful with them I don't baby them. I own several guccis and I have had no problems really!
  4. Thank you for your responses!! I really appreciate the help!!