An LV gal just got her first D&B!

  1. I love LV, but let's face it: some of their small leather goods are outrageously expensive! I've been wanting a new cosmetic case to go with my new Neverfull PM, but I didn't want to pay $250+ for an LV one. I simply don't like the idea of paying a lot of money for something that will most likely get makeup marks on it. With that in mind, I headed over to TJ Maxx. They always have cute brand name cosmetic bags at reasonable prices. I literally fell in love with this pretty pink Dooney! It was $60 retail, but I only paid $34 plus tax, so it was quite a bargain. I love the girly pink and I love the fact it has vachetta trim, so it matches my Neverfull! :heart: So cute. I was also surprised to see that it was made in USA, just like my Neverfull. Here's a pic of it with my Neverfull:
  2. Great first Dooney purchase! I love the shade of the pink! I'm jealous, we don't have TJ Maxx in Hawaii :sad:
  3. ^^ That's too bad you don't have a TJ Maxx. They get some great Dooney stuff in if you love Dooney. It's not all just the signature stuff either. They get in All Weather Leather items too. Heck, I even found a Dooney bag that had the duck logo on the front!
  4. Cute! I've been thinking of getting a bag in that same pink; I love it! Congrats!
  5. Cute. My TJ Maxx never has much, you really have to dig.
  6. congrats on the dooney! I am in love with their Alto wallet. I need to get it someday!
  7. Cute! I love TJMaxx!!
  8. Thanks everyone! I never thought I would really like anything Dooney, but I adore my new cosmetic case. It's the perfect shade of pink. I also thought it wouldn't look right with an LV bag, but it looks totally fine. I think I'll be looking at more Dooney accessories in the future. As I said before, LV small leather goods can be grossly overpriced!
  9. Oh, so pretty. TJMaxx has a lot of Dooney, and a large part of it IS made in the US
  10. loves it!! pretty in pink...enjoy your new purchases!
  11. Adorable! Congrats!
  12. Cute Arm Candy Lover, and you're completely right about LV accessories, they are overpriced, but so cute! Your makeup bag, though, gives them a run for their money, that's super cute!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. Cute! Love the color!
  15. congrads on the TJmaxx find. Whenever i go to there or marshalls i never find anything!