An LV gal indulges in a little, tiny bit of Coach retail therapy...

  1. I've never owned anything from Coach before, but the local Macy's was having a 50% off sale on all of their Coach purse charms. I was looking for a little something to decorate my Neverfull I purchased 3 weeks ago, so I got the very last heart-shaped picture frame charm for a mere $14! It's so cute, and it's my favorite color...purple! I put a pic of DBF in it. :heart::heart::heart: Love it!
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  2. I have that one :smile: Pair it with one of the Coach inital charms (only $28) and put it on any of your LV bags and it looks SO cute!

    Great choice!
  3. aw, i'm glad you got something cute for your neverfull- AND that it's your favorite color!
  4. Very cute! Oh yeah, come on in...the Coach water's fine!!
  5. I got the sameone , I wish they had more things that color purple
  6. I LOVE :heart:'s!!!! ANYTHING w/ :heart:'s! GREAT choice and it looks PERFECT on your LV~!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks, everyone! I wasn't sure if the charm would look right since it has silver hardware and the Neverfull has gold hardware, but it looks cute. The pics some other members posted of LVs with Coach charms sort of motivated me to go ahead with the purchase. Besides, nothing beats getting something half off!
  8. Cute charm! Coach makes the best accessories (and hangbags too).
  9. Awww...that's adorable!!!! I LOVE it! It looks perfect!

    And OT, but I have to say it.....CONGRATS on reaching your weight goal!!! You look awesome!
  10. Congrats!!! So Cute!
  11. Looks super cute! Congrats!
  12. It's so cute!! I love it! And a great price too! I'm venturing into the world of LV but love my Coach charms!!
  13. Cute charm. I luv hearts!
  14. So cute!!! Love the color!
  15. Very nice! It starts with a charm..but then wouldn't a keychain be nice? And of course, what harm could buying a super cute wristlet to go into the Neverfull be? And since you're at it, Coach wallets are SO nice and last are on the Coach train and it ain't gonna stop! Welcome aboard! :graucho: