AN LV for Every Season . . . Collection gets second member

  1. After not being able to carry my mono speedy for two days in a row due to rain, I decided I wouldn't be able to survive the winter without another LV purchase.

    Without further ado, sister to my mono speedy 30:


    Pretty new damier speedy 25
  2. yay! don't you love it? congrats!
  3. The damier's are so perfect for less than perfect weather....Congrats on your newest addition !!
  4. Congrats! you'll love your speedy!
  5. Congrats!! It's lovely!!
  6. Congrats! I love the Damier Canvas.
  7. Perfect solution to the weather problem. There's almost no problem that a new LV can't solve :graucho:
  8. excellent solution! congrats.
  9. :tup::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::heart:I love your bag, I too have the Damier speedy 25 and love it!!! Fantastic for all weather climates and it goes beautifully with everything in ones wardrobe! It will become your favorite bag, guaranteed!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!
  10. You solved the problem --- no vachetta to worry about so you can take your lovely LV bag anywhere, anytime. Great choice! Congratulations!
  11. Excellent choice. Congrats!
  12. Love it! 25 is such a cute size and still holds a ton!!
  13. It's gorgeous, congrats!
  14. Congratulations!
  15. That is why I LoVe damier soooo much! Great for everyday no matter what the weather! Congrats!