An LV experience for the book. Awful.

  1. This one will make your skin crawl, and I have already cried all my tears over it anyways.

    My boyfriend and I were at the Soho Boutique last week looking at bags and I was preparing to purchase a small item. The Green Perfo Cles. When my boyfriend saw how much it was he flipped out and proceeded to tell me in front of everyone and the SA that "Hunny, you don't get it, this store isnt for people like can't afford that, it's for rich people who can afford a $200 key chain"

    The SA gave me the most "I feel sorry for you" look I have ever seen in my life.

    First off. I'm 24. Live in Manhattan. Have a good paying job. Pay for my OWN apartment, bills, everything. I am buying this with my own money and not w/ a CC either. And he tells me this. Keep in mind I'm already on the verge of breaking up with him over other things but this is icing on the cake. I have never been one to let anyone make me feel like I don't deserve what I want, but that day I felt as small as a flea. I never did by the damn cles.

    I have never felt "below" anything in my life....but he made me feel like total crap...all over a Louis Vuitton too.:crybaby:
  2. :mad: WHAT THE FUDGE!!!! After all of that you deserve the key chain. You work hard, your play hard. That is life.
  3. Dump him!!
  4. Eeeek... :sweatdrop:

    So sorry that happened... NO ONE deserves to be treated like that, no matter what their financial status is... :wtf: I say you deserve better. It's your money and you do what you please with it.
  5. :wtf:
    Sorry to hear, (hugs)
    Second if my boyfriend said that to me, i'd drop his white ass and buy it anyway. then i'd put him to the curb.

    You know you're better then that right ? No one needs to be spoken to that way.
  6. ohhhh... that's so awful. did you tell him how you felt afterwards?

    he has NO RIGHT to say that LV is not for you. you deserve the cles that you want. you should go back to the store without him and buy it!
  7. Sweetie, I'm so sorry that happened to you! Your bf has no right to say that, I'm assuming he isn't going to be your boyfriend for much longer?

    Buy that cles! You deserve it!
  8. sorry that happened to you and so sorry to say that your bf is a jerk. you deserve better :yes:
  9. :cursing: :cursing:
    What the fruitcakes?! :censor:
    How could he EVER say something like that to you?!
    I mean, telling you this in front of everybody! That is the rudest, most disgusting thing a boyfriend could ever do...does he even care about how you feel?

    Did you talk to him afterwards about how you felt?
    I think you really should...and if he doesn't get it, or he argues with you, or does it one more's over.

    You deserve better. Don't let anybody bring you down! LV is for everyone, as long as they don't sacrifice the necessities to buy LV, and it sounds like you are in a pretty stable situation!!

  10. Seriously, leave him. If a man can belittle you like that and humiliate you like that over a mere purse, dream, whatever, think about how hurtful he will be when serious things happen and they do. I would NEVER accept a man that can go to that level, seeing you cringe, which is BELOW THE BELT. LEAVE HIM now!!! What a JERK!:yucky: You do not need a person that will limit your growth like that and be a major source of negativaty in your life. This IS indicative of your future with him. Look at the red flags carefully, imo.
  11. OMG I am embassed for you, how dare he humiliate you like that you should have bought 2 just to show him!!
  12. I'm sorry that happened to you especially in front of people. Please do not let anyone treat you like this especially your boyfriend. I mean, how dare him to humilate you like that. This is a behaviour that is simply unacceptable.
    Now if you really want the cles, get back in there and get it. You DESERVE IT!!!
  13. OMG...what an :cursing: !! I'm sooooo sorry you had to go through that! No one deserved to be treated like that. Can you imaging what he would have done if it was a purse and not a cles? It's none of his business how you spend your money. As long as you can still afford a roof over your head and the necessities of life then you should be able to buy whatever you want! I hope you are seriously considering getting rid of him.
  14. oh HELLLLL NO! he obviously doesn't know how to keep you happy. so what good is he?
  15. Oh no that is awful!! How humiliating and embarrassing. I'd cry and cry too. That dude's a goner. Go back and get that cles, girl!