An "LV" Event I WON'T Be Attending !!!!!

  1. Today a colleague (whom I had not seen in almost a year) and who I KNOW does not come from limited means (spouse is a professional athlete) handed me an invitation....
    This invite was for a purse party, featuring "Lewee Vooton" (i purposely spelled it like that), and some other well -known brands.....

    I was totally speechless.....:wtf: primarily because she kept insisting that I attend, and showing me her latest "fab find".... ( a knock-off ). Since my workbag is a Sac Bosphore, I guess she probably thinks mine is a phooey louis ...:yucky:..

    I gently told her that she could get into alot of trouble hosting such a party in her (very nice) home, as it was illegal, and that I simply did not buy fraudulent designer merchandise, Vuitton or otherwise.... I tread very carefully in matters like this, since I work in a very professional environment, but this one totally blew my mind....

    I guess I will conveniently be "on-call" that :graucho:
  2. wow,:amazed:
  3. heh heh...what did she say when you told her that she could get into a lot of trouble?
  4. a fake Louis Vuitton party. oh, wow. that is so low.
  5. Ergh. I hate purse parties..every time someone brings one up I cringe. :push:
  6. Eww, thats so awkward, how sad. Sorry you had to face that with someone at work. Good for you for telling her its illegal, I would have just been in shock probably.
  7. Gross!! I didn't know parties like that even Guess I am out of the loop
  8. I agree--- you definitely need to be far, far away from this purse party. I can't understand why people continue to do this type of illegal activity. My friend invited me to one of these and I cringed at the thought! I actually printed up a bunch of stuff I found on the internet about these ridiculous purse parties and gave it to her. She had no idea!
  9. Yuck!! My neighbor owns an airline insurance agency and she gives knockoffs to all of her employees for Xmas. She could afford to give them the real deal......I just don't get it! She told me she'd never pay for the real thing since they look exactly the same. I guess some people are cheap in certain areas!
  10. her wealth level aside, what bothers me is why is it so easy to fake a Vuitton? And why is it that the fakes wear forever? I don't own a fake but observe a few people who wear them everyday. If the workmanship/quality is so superior, why doesn't it show enough to distinguish between a real and a fake?? *confused* I have the real bag and baby it b/c I paid so much for it. How dumb is that? lol Sorry, this is a little off topic
  11. wow, buying fakes is bad enough but hosting a fake party in her own home? shocked :wtf:
  12. Sounds like a horrid party to me.:tdown: Make sure you have lots of work and other stuff planned so you have valid excuses.
  13. I'm glad you told her. How anyone can condone that, but then again many have different values... Still, though :/
  14. Yuck! Good for you for not going!
  15. OMG thats sooooooo...Ewww sorry but i really jugde people who wear fakes and are proud in the same time...U just CANNOT compare an original to a fake.....its just wrong