An LV collection is not complete without a .........

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  1. .........Mono Speedy!!:heart:

    What to you think it THE essential, must have piece in someone's LV collection?!?!:nuts:
  2. Some sort of a pochette! :yes:
  3. I have to agree with you there! :yes: The Mono speedy is timeless!
  4. even though it is the most common and most faked, i'd have to say

    mono speedy
  5. Got to agree with you ladies. I think a mono speedy is essential!
  6. I agree with the mono speedy, as well a pochette when you need something smaller
  7. Epi alma or speedy in black. These are bags that truly fit any outfit and occasion. Either one is on my list for next year :heart:
  8. Alma
    Batignolles Horizontal
  9. Speedy too....:love:
  10. You should have at least a speedy, papillon, alma, and a pochette in your collection. :P
  11. mono speedy :winkiss:
  12. I agree on the speedy and would also add a pouchette and noe
  13. i think the must have at a very least : speedy and pochette

    i bought so many lv bags and only recently i got speedy ... always have this feeling wanted speedy yet always but something else, so at the end i threaten myself "GET SPEEDY!!!!!!!"
  14. Not sure, if there is sth. like a must have for every collection... :shrugs: I had a phase ~2 months ago when I was completely convinced, that I need to have a classic mono piece which is handheld (I only had the Hudson PM & Pochette Croissant in brown Mono Canvas at this time)... so I got the Speedy 30 - and I'm not that crazy for this bag :s
    I used it only twice so far... each time for a 30 minutes trip to the supermarket :Push: ...
  15. Speedy. Although not necessarily Mono.

    Mono and MC are the most faked ones.

    Haven't seen Damier Speedy fakes yet!