an Lv bag for my mom. HELP

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  1. Hi..

    Im a guy and my bro and i planning are to get my mom an LV bag for her 40th b'day.. i don't have any sisters.. and my older brother is as clueless as i am about designer mom has a few LV bags (epi, multicolore,suhali, vernis).. but she doesn't have the original LV print (im referring to the canvas print).. so i thought it would be nice to get her one of those bags.. the problem is i have no idea which bag to get?? i have done some research on a few websites (eluxury and stuff).. but nothing has caught my eyes so far.. honestly, i can't really appreciate these bags (no offence to anyone, but im 20 yo guy who is into sports and sportswear and my bro is no better) but i know my mom loves these bags (though she adamantly refuses to admit she's a big fan).. the latest bag from the canvas line- LV Monogram Canvas Lockit vertical and horizontal just look weird to me..and the rest doesn't look that wow either.. so i just need some experts to give me some suggestions.. my parents often go out with their friends, so im guessing my mom would need something medium size, something that looks casual and yet elegant to carry.. so if u guys could give me some feedbacks on which bag to get and maybe a little description of the bag.. that would be really great

    Our budget is roughly U$2000.. and i would prefer if the bag is kinda new (doesn't have to be the latest design but not the one which came out a century ago).. please please, her b'day is next week.. any help will do..(pics would be great :smile:)

    Ps: i apologised if i spelled anything wrongly.
  2. Does she prefer shoulder or handheld-bags? Do you know the names of the bags she already has (or describe them) so that we get an idea of her likes?
  3. i think she prefers handheld-bags.. here are the bags that she already has

    LV Multicoloure speedy, trouville and alma
    LV suhali L'Épanoui PM and L'Ingénieux PM
    Lv Jasmin
    LV Sac Mary Kate

    have to check their names in eluxury..
  4. :nuts: ur mom has such a great taste..

    what about alma?
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - alma bag , louis vuitton alma --> in mono canvas
    eventhough i would prefer alma in either damier or epi
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton; Alma; Damier handbags; bag; LV
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Epi Alma Handbag; place de l'alma, Louis Vuitton, Wom

    alma is such a classic yet great bag IMO and because u also get leftover money, i would suggest u the amtching wallet to go with the bag.
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Porte Tresor International ;Epi Wallet Organizer, Epi

    HTH :heart:
  5. get her the knightsbridge bag
  6. How sweet to have sons like you. Your mom did a great job- and should be proud..:heart:
    Something trendy- and with the monogram design maybe a Hudson with the koala wallet- should be in your budget.
  7. lucky mom :yahoo:
  8. Thanks

    Thanks for the suggestions as well.. for the alma, my mom isn't too tall (her height is 165, so if she uses the alma bag, it looks as if she's engulfed by the bag)... and i couldn't find any bag with the name of Hudson :sad:
  9. maybe she'll like the speedy in monogram or damier
  10. sigh.. im hopeless at this :sad:
  11. I think the monogram satin aumoniere would be great, she is so elegant.
    The Damier Knightsbridge and the Onather leather bag are also a good choice. For the Monogram, the Speedy is casual but also elegant. And it is a "classic". ;)
  12. Not to burst your bubble or anything -- I think you and your brother are so sweet to do this for your mom! -- but have you considered that the fact that she doesn't yet have any monogram canvas bags might mean that she doesn't really care for it? I mean, for me personally, for example, I love LV, but I'm not really a fan of the monogram canvas. I like Damier and Epi and Monogram Mat (which has been discontinued), but not really the mono canvas.

    Since she only has one epi leather bag (the Jasmin), what about maybe a Soufflot in epi leather -- a different fun shape, but still sophisticated in the Epi leather -- or an epi Passy PM? The Passy is a new style, and the PM is a handheld bag.

    Good luck! Don't be afraid also to go to the boutique if you can, to get help in real life from the sales associates -- and where you can see everything and compare bags. That would make your decision much easier, I think.

    Also, don't forget she can always easily exchange it for whatever she wants most -- it's still the thought that counts, and what a wonderful thought for your mom!
  13. Since a handbag is such a personal thing, likes and dislikes.. Maybe you can just get her a gift certificate from Louis Vuitton or E-Luxury place the envelope in a Louis Vuitton Box wrap it up and present it to her on her 40th. This way she can experience the excitement of picking it out herself and you and your brother can take her to the store and perhaps lunch or dinner afterwards.. Just a thought..