An itty bitty reveal - no muss no fuss!

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  1. Gorgeous scarf, and your dog is adorable! The bracelet also complements the scarf beautifully.
  2. The scarf and bracelet are beautiful,such a good complement to each other,and I love how Bonnie is posing for you,too cute!
  3. Julide - thank you!
    LeMonde - I'm really loving the blues, too. Thank you!
    Miss Margaux, Kelly 32, Mary 3534 and Chaz - I'm so glad the bracelet is a 'go' with everyone. I really love her and love the scarf, too.
    Lady Hermes, Skyrider - thank you!

    And thank you all for your kind comments about Bonnie, my heart.:heart:
  4. Absolutely!The picture of your Bonnie is an added plus too!
  5. Beautiful blue!
  6. Beautiful scarf and Bonnie is so lovely!! The bangle matches very well don't you worry!