An itty bitty reveal - no muss no fuss!

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  1. I think they go beautifully, and the colors in the scarf are really beautiful. I am a sucker for the blues! :biggrin:

    Congrats and health to enjoy. :smile:
  2. Oh love this scarf and your doggie. This is one of my favorite designs.
  3. Beautiful scarf! I don't think I've ever seen it in that colorway. It goes very well with your enamel.
  4. Monica - thanks!!
    Zoopla - that is my favorite bracelet (so far)!
    KG - thanks, I'm crazy about the blues in that scarf. And thanks, I think Bonnie looks good in blue, too!
    DiamondS - thank you! She is treated like a star, that's for sure!
    LBB - thank you, I've been lusting after this scarf for awhile, now.
    Anez - I'm really getting into blues, too.
    Lyanna - thank you, this scarf is already one of my favorites. I LOVE it tied.
    Capulet - thank you! This cw is brilliant, imo. I so glad the bracelet works with it.
  5. What a lovely scarf! The colour of the silk and the enamel are beautiful together!

    Bonnie!! :heart: She is absolutely darling! She obvisouly has great taste too.

    I don't think this is a meagre reveal at all! Actually, I so appreciate the photos straight away too! A big thank you for that my dear!
  6. Pretty!!!!!!
  7. i would say they go perfectly together without being too matchy matchy!!! love it!
  8. I absolutely love the colors! Love your dog, too lol. Congratulations :smile:
  9. Mia T - thank you! I get so excited, I will be no good for a tantalizing reveal once I get my first bag!
    It-Zara - thank you!
    Doloresmia - thanks for your thoughts. I am getting used to them together.
    Boxermom - the colors really are brilliant! I'm sure my camera doesn't do them justice. Thanks, I love her, too!
  10. LBurke Beautiful scarf!! Adorable dog too!! Congrats!!
  11. Beautiful scarf, I looove blues - Congratulations!!!
    IMO the bracelet looks great with it :tup:

    Oooh, She's sooooo cute :heart:

  12. Yes, I think they match just perfectly congrats and love the doggie too.
    wear in great health and happiness
  13. Very nice, congrats!
  14. It's so beautiful! I love blue colour and your dog is super cute. Congrats x
  15. YES!!! it's a match! lovely scarf!