An issue with a Bayswater

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  1. This question might sound really silly, but I have to ask since it´s been bothering me for so long.

    I bought a black Bays a few months back from Heathrow, and in hurrying to my flight, I did not notice that something important was missing, the hidden padlock in the hanging leather pouch. There simply was´nt one hanging from the bag. They did´nt give me one at the store.

    What should I do? Or am I overreacting and should´nt be bothered at all by the fact that I didnt get one?

    I just think it´s such an essential piece of the Bayswater´s look. And I feel like such an idiot for not calling the shop in the first place when I noticed the problem. At first I thought maybe it´s not a standard part of the bag ( of course at the moment I know that this is not the case). :shucks:

    Thanks ladies for your input in advance!
  2. Call them anyway, this happened to my friend too but at another airport store, and she called them and they sent it recorded delivery x
  3. Hi Jo Fin, welcome to the Mulberry Forum.

    Its called a Cloche, and it IS a big deal! If you were buying from an outlet, they often sell specials, which are Bays that are sold without bottom feet or a Cloche - these are significantly cheaper because of this.

    Coming from Heathrow, it is only tax free, so you should certainly have received them. I would call them and also call Mulberry Customer services to have them rectify this for you. What colour did you buy ;) would love to see some piccies, and then some more when they send her accessories!

    Good luck, and dont settle for this - its missing a vital part for sure - I am wondering if for security reasons on flights they might have taken it off ??? hmm interesting but they should have advised you and then sent it on to your home address