An introduction, and my haves, and wants, Coach wise that is!


Coach Lover
I currently have the following:

This was a Christmas present from my wonderful Husband!!

(sorry, my camera is on the blink, so I only have stock pics and a couple I borrowed from FBay)

This was a present to myself:

and to go with it, I got this from Macys:

And I have the matching wristlet as well (but no pic at the moment, sorry)

and I have this wallet

(I must say, I love this wallet)

Last but not least, I just got this for the summer

I have the matching wristlet as well


Let's see the shoes!
Jun 8, 2007
Twin Cities, MN
Welcome!:biggrin: You will definitely get a ton of useful information here! Definitely take the time to read the forum rules so you don't step on any toes and Have Fun! Great start on your collection too!
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Dec 25, 2009
Welcome! I adore that Ocelot! Beware tPF though, it's bad for the obsession.

I had one Coach bag in January. Now I have 4 bags, two wristlets, one wallet, one mini skinny, two scarves and 4 fobs.

Oh dear. I should back away from tPF! :amuse:


Feb 9, 2010
I love your Ocelot Audrey!!! That bag is one that began my Coach obsession even though I am yet to obtain one!! This forum is awesome but it does increase the amount of bags you have and the desire to run to anywhere that sells Coach!