An Interim Silkypop?

  1. Aaaahhh... so I know this is probably a dead horse, but is the Silkypop an appropriate everyday bag for short-term use?

    I need a good interim bag between now and late February. I am going to my house in Palm Beach in late Feb and am going to buy a Lindy (or possibly a GPT) when I'm there. It all depends on what I decide at the time.

    I am from Northern Michigan and it's snowy, and my current everyday bag is a brown wool ahmedabad tote. I just don't know if a Silkypop is appropriate for everyday use in late winter.

    Also, would the H SA's look down on me if I walk in to buy a Lindy carrying a Silkypop? I know they are meant to be used as an "extra" bag for extra stuff, but would they think I was a big loser if I came in carrying one as my everyday? This is Palm Beach...

    One more thing... does anyone have modeling pics of the Silkypop? I like big totes, but I'm not sure how this one would look on me. I'm tallish, so I like to stay on the big side of bags.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't have one, but I saw some in the store the other day, I think you can definately pull this off, to me it's a bag, and I'm a guy, but as a girl I would LOVE one to use as an everyday bag.

    And the sa's won't look down on you, and if they do, let them be ignorant, I walk in the store with my ugliest clothes or bags, and don't care what an sa would think about it... It's my money, and my life.

    USE IT! it's cool!
  3. ps does nobody here on the forum has one? oh my god that's not possible lol !
  4. Hell you can walk into Hermes and walk out with a Birkin wearing a Nike Sweatshirt and travel skirt!
  5. ^ Definitely Go For The Silky Pop.....I Think You Will Continue To Love It (After The Interim!)!!!!!
  6. Thanks everyone (especially Andzrej.... I love it when guys give me their opinion!)

    I will make DH buy me one right quick! Which colorway? I was thinking the black with big tassel? I think it would be most versatile.
  7. I was thinking black to, goes with everything. You're welcome!

    I had a look on the site and it really is a fun bag and will spice an all black outfit up cuz of the discreet orange/beige in it!
  8. ^^ Yep... final choice. It could also be used as a neutral.

    Your smiley at the bottom would be pro "Mia"....
  9. very good choice!!!

    yeah okay you're right about the smiley lol

  10. I am eagerly awating the arrival of my silky pop-- it the perfect extra carry on bag for my=overshopping in italy lol. I will try to post a pic as soon as it arrives!
  11. I am eagerly awating the arrival of my silky pop-- it is the perfect extra carry on bag for mymnotorious overshopping in italy lol. I will try to post a pic as soon as it arrives!
  12. Please let me know how it holds up, I'm a little scared to use a silk bag!
  13. I think a silkypop or a garden party would be perfectly suited to the casual daytime atmosphere of Palm Beach! :tup:
  14. I handled one in the store and was surprised at how sturdy it seemed - they are lined, which makes them stiffer than you might think!
  15. :sweatdrop: