An interesting purchase! Ink extra courier... And I'm not a man!

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  1. So I have just taken a punt and bought an Ink extra courier! Going against every thread I read about it being ridiculous and too big and not suited to a woman.

    Guess what... I love it! Yes it's big, but as a new mum I reckon I can pull it off :')

    The chèvre is so soft and I'm so happy to have my own personal HG colour back in my collection! It's in mint condition with spare tassels and all the cards.

  2. It's beautiful :smile: I love this style ( I have a 'regular' Courier) and 2006 leather. It is amazing bag and can hold a lot ;) It is so light and handy, so it is a perfect 'mum bag'. Condition of your bag is really good, look like a brand new bag. Good choice :smile:
  3. Congratz! I love ink and it looks amazing!☺
  4. You will be the coolest new mom out there! Gorgeous color!!!
  5. Gorgeous & congrats!!! Ink is one of my favorites!!
  6. Great mum bag! Love Ink!
  7. Very cool I like it congrats
  8. Lovely bag!!! Is the strap adjustable?
  9. It is!
  10. All the things you could fit into this! Looks amazing on you :smile:
  11. Thanks everyone :smile: I love it. What better way to enjoy your favourite colour and leather than have miles of it draped over your shoulder?!!
  12. Love it, congrats!
  13. It's gorgeous, I adore my Ink city and this bag looks great on you.
  14. Good choice & u look really good, especially when carried cross body.

    You can never go wrong with an Ink ! ;) Congrats !

  15. That's a great feature! You'll be able to carry the bag any way you want!