An interesting new Paris line of hanbags. Anyone own?


Sep 23, 2007
I can't wait to see pics. I love that bag as well, when I saw the dark brown I just about drooled LOL. Looks so soft and squishy. Post a full review real soon :smile:
Mar 17, 2007
sigh you have to sign for it and I missed it saturday. I hope I don't miss it tomorrow! I am awaiting the bag with IMPATIENCE. Otherwise I need to pick it up at the post office tuesday since I work monday.
Mar 17, 2007
Got my bag today too! Yaayyy!

Anyway here's my review.

Overall it's a very nice bag. Love the leather smell. Smell is one of my fav things about leather. The inner detachable makeup pouch is nice too. I think it's black with all bags regardless but I don't care anyway if it matches the distressed brown. It's very soft (the black) and I like the suede interior. I imagine her regular bags have the same soft leather.

This is my first distressed looking bag. We'll see how it wears and I'm excited about wearing it. Of course it's not soft and smooshy like how her other plain leather bags look, but it's still a very nice leather. It still is surprisingly soft and isn't rough how I imagined it to be. I also like her interior fuschia colored screen print inside. There are also two open compartments for your cell phone, etc.

Cons are of course the strap. Definitely would love if it came with a detachable, thinner longer strap. I think I'll message her about that. Also for some reason she leaves the zipper dangling inside. It's not too much in the way but I'm figuring it's because it's harder to do it perfectly cut since she makes it by hand? Overall not a huge deal about that. Also I think more substantial hardware would be nice but that's just me. I like my hard wear like pull tabs chunkier so it's easier to pull. The zipper was the only small part though. The side hardware is nice and chunky and good quality but the pull tab on top is rather small. The zipper on the makeup compartment inside has plastic hardware.

Overall though I am happy! :smile: This is my second handmade bag from an indie designer (those who make their own bags as well as design, not designers who have other people make their bags). I imagine it's hard to make each bag one by one so props for that! The hardware pull tab is really the only flaw. You can however tell it was made with love! Unique.


Resident Lurker
Apr 1, 2007
Oh wow! Beautiful bags. This is why I love etsy. I'm just sorry I didn't see them earlier.

Please post pictures if you get a chance, paintednightsky.