An interesting new Paris line of hanbags. Anyone own?


Do it and do it well
Apr 19, 2007
I just emailed the designer, Emi, and she responded that currently the only place in America to get her bags will be Etsy. She will be putting bags on Etsy through December. Let's hope that Shalon can get some in her store.
What email did you use the etsy or the original websites email?


Mar 23, 2006
England, UK.
Wow! What great bags! :biggrin:

Kind of remind me of older Chloe bags ('04 and earlier [my favourite era!]). :tup: Not really surprising, I suppose, as Chloe bags were of better quality then and the pre '03 ones were generally made in France.

Particularly like this one - I've been looking for a long strapped, slouchy hobo with the strap appearing to 'grow' out of the bag (i.e. no visible hardware), for ages, now (ever since Chloe stopped doing theirs).

This looks like suede, I wonder if they also do it in calfskin?
Mar 17, 2007
drool worthy! If anyone ever gets a bag of hers, post a review :graucho: I'm kinda holding onto my money for other bag sales like the jenny yuen one coming up :smile:

Honeybrown, still waiting on your chacha bag? I wonder when it'll get here from canda.


Jun 23, 2007
Ville des Poissons
I'll be in Paris with my daughter in March. You can be sure that shopping will be included in our plans, even with the depressing exchange rate! I'll be sure to check the shop out and report back, although I hope someone here gets to see the line before March. If they are as wonderful IRL as they look online, it could be a great souvenier. Let's face it, if I'm going to be shopping with a weak dollar, it should be for something that I can't easily obtain here.