An interesting new Paris line of hanbags. Anyone own?

  1. I was just scrolling through the many fashion blogs and came across a line of hanbags by a designer in Paris called Ilemi. The bags look amazingly soft with butter smooth leather and are too cute to not be popular. I was wondering if anyone owns one or have heard of them. Here is the link xxxxxxxxx
  2. Wow, what a great new designer! I really like this bag and hope to know where to buy it. Anyone?

  3. That one is one of my favorites too only I like the darker brown. I can just imagine how they feel.
  4. I tried to access the site but it just keeps loading
  5. The site has about 60 some images and did take some time to load. There is no information of online purchasing but only the store location, which is not in U.S. :sad:
  6. The leather looks so yummy and squishy!
  7. My thoughts exactly. I would love to just hold one.:p
  8. Here's a link to another page. No price info but the pictures are beautiful!
  9. Looks like they are only located in Paris...:s
  10. Yes, the leather looks amazing! And the bag that is on the model (and I think displayed in a different color by itself) is really eye-catching. Beautiful bags.
  11. I don't normally like squishy leather (weird, I know), but these bags look so sumptuous. I love that thick, braided handle.

    They have one bag on Etsy, and through an old page cached on Google I notice that really gorgeous one was going for $420.

    Most of the pages for this brand seem to be in Japanese (I think).

    Nice find!
  12. wow looks real nice and squishy. I wonder what her price ranges are.
  13. They do look nice dont they. I am currently trying to score an interview with the designer for the site and possibly get some of the bags to sell in my upcoming Shop Kick It online store. Just keep checking back with me. I definately want a few of these babies
  14. I just emailed the designer, Emi, and she responded that currently the only place in America to get her bags will be Etsy. She will be putting bags on Etsy through December. Let's hope that Shalon can get some in her store.