An interesting little article on chanel jackets

  1. from style magazine (singapore)

    i found the little nuggets of information accompany each jacket pretty interesting. :yes:
    IMG_1043.jpg IMG_1044.jpg IMG_1041.jpg IMG_1046.jpg IMG_1048.jpg
  2. continued:
    IMG_1045.jpg IMG_1038.jpg IMG_1047.jpg IMG_1040.jpg
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  3. thank you for posting this! i am obsessed with chanel jackets:girlsigh:!
  4. Thanks for the interesting posting! I am fairly new to tPf and was just reading some old postings. Is it true Chanel jackets go on sale?! I love the jackets, but have only been able to purchase one. I just cannot explain the price to my DH. Does anyone know when the sales are? Also, I read someone was hoping the color pop clutches would go on sale, do bags ever go on sale? I was always under the impression Chanel didn't have sales. I guess that's why I need tPf. ;)
  5. I know I made it when I can reward myself with a chanel jacket!
  6. That 1954 jacket is droolworthy.
  7. The outlets sometimes have them.
  8. interesting article, and thanks for the post. well im sold on the jacket!! lol
  9. They are all so gorgeous:drool:
  10. Thanks so much for sharing!:smile:
  11. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've never even seen a Chanel jacket in real life, but I love the look of them! I had no idea there was a chain inside the jacket lining to ensure it hangs well--so interesting!
  12. Thank you for showing us! I love these jackets...
  13. Thank you for this great article and the accompanying photos. A Chanel jacket is definitely on my long-run

  14. Thanks for sharing the great article, zerodross:flowers: How I would love to own one someday...:tender:
  15. thanks for posting!