An interesting answer to the question, "where does all of your money go?" :)

  1. So one day, my best friend asks, "Why don't you ever have money, I feel like you're always working?"

    This question prompted me to start a thread, showcasing my bag collection! A few of my bags even have their own little story to them. :smile:

    Keep in mind that my money doesn't JUST go to my bag collection... just the little money I leave from my paychecks as my "spending money." :graucho:

    So to start off... here is the "family portrait" of my bag collection.

    (Sorry-- the attachment thing isn't working for some reason?)
  2. And to showcase each bag individually, I'll start with the one I got first.

    It was my first ever designer bag, given to me by my mom when I was a junior in high school (age 17).

    aaahhh this is where the addiction started!


    It's a Dooney & Bourke! What a great way to start a collection!
  3. double post
  4. And then came the first bag I purchased myself, during my senior year in high school. I was really into Coach at that time, and was DYING to get one. I was very happy when I saved enough money for this one. :smile:

  5. Then along came my first Louis Vuitton, during the summer of 2009!

    It is my Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM. :smile:

    This was the start of a Louis Vuitton addiction!

  6. That same year, my work gave its employees what I called a little "Christmas Bonus."

    With it, I decided to purchase this Burberry Bowler Bag. :p

    I've always loved Burberry!

  7. And then when I heard the news about a Gucci sale, I was THRILLED.

    Came home with this small, but lovely bag...

  8. And then when I started going to a university, and my boyfriend wasn't
    with my to carry my books (such a gentleman :p), I decided I needed a

    What better way than a Louis Vuitton??
    It ended up being too small, but kept it for the purpose that it makes a great "knock around" bag.
    Works great on hikes!

    Introducting, my Louis Vuitton Montsouris MM!!
  9. The Christmas of 2010, I decided I needed a new Louis Vuitton!
    I was actually on the hunt for a Graffiti Neverfull, but ended up with this one instead. ;)

    My Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy!!

  10. After that, I decided to calm down until my 21st birthday.

    My boyfriend and I went on a road trip to California, just so I can buy it on Rodeo Dr!

    Here is my Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Totally PM! :smile:

  11. VERY shortly after, I was just browsing eBay for an LV Multicolore Pochette.

    Found one for a good deal and took the plunge....
    Love it!

  12. AND after this VERY recent purchase, I am on an official BAN.

    But what better way to build up credit than my first Chanel?? :smile:

    I know many are put off by the Cambon bags, but I still have a soft spot for them. :smile:
    What better way to start a Chanel collection than with the bag that drew me into the brand??

  13. And there's my collection!

    New additions always seem to enter it, so stop by again soon!
  14. Gorgeous collection! Don't you just love a guy who will carry your books? :girlsigh:
  15. Very cute collection! Great pieces.