An instant classic

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  1. Tried to get this beauty in the fall but at the time it was limited distribution in Canada; however I could never get my mind off it, even if I ended up with an Open Bar (which I adore).

    The only thing I had in mind was that I couldn't get another blue coloured bag... So I went with a house classic that I could still wear year round!

    So..... Here she is!



    Diorama, Medium, in Gris Dior.
  2. Gorgeous! Such a classic beauty. Congratulations!
  3. Unbelievably gorgeous! :heart::loveeyes: That grey is to die for!! Enjoy!
  4. Wow! I did not expect to see the Diorama when I clicked on your thread! Great choice! Modelling pics please!!! :biggrin:
  5. Love the color!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile: +1 on the mod shots!
  6. Beautiful! What a lovely color

  7. Thanks everyone!! It was love at first sight!

    I wonder what were you expecting....??? Hehe! Modelling pictures to follow tomorrow heh
  8. I love this bag and you chose a beautiful color! I can't wait to see your modeling shots!
  9. I was expecting (strangely) the Dior Connect. I really like the Connect and was secretly hoping that one of us guys here would get one and model it.

    Nonetheless, I LOVE your Diorama. Gris Dior is such a wonderful colour, and extra points go to the grained leather and lacquered lock.
  10. Beautiful colour and beautiful bag!
  11. Congrats! No words to describe except for sexy and classic. Sexy mod shots please.:loveeyes:
  12. Such a beauty, congrats and enjoy!
  13. Love the colour!! :heart:
  14. Sleek design
    Love this color

  15. Thanks everyone!! It's actually a bit lighter than I originally thought going in but I love that it's not too dark... It makes it look so airy and not too heavy for summer days like today!

    As requested!




    An AJ you know me too well; I did want the Connect tote a hot minute because it is totally my style haha. But with the open bar and the Diorissimo and my Panarea... I think I have enough totes hehe. I also didn't see it at the boutique (I'm in Montreal) so I couldn't even try it on.

    I wanted something for the summer and for evenings that I can shove my essentials into (glasses wallet etc) and go!