An "inside bag"

  1. Hi to all!
    Here in Italy, we use to keep in our bags another bag::yes:
    a little, foldable bag for the everyday shopping such as bread, magazines, for some few articles from the grocery.
    Usually it is made in cotton, and has a shopping bag form.
    There's something that can be used as in LV world?:graucho:
    :heart: Stephanie.
  2. LoVe tote? Perhaps something from the antigua line? Cabas MM or PM?
  3. may be the new east west handbag? the plaid version w/ LV trunk logo in white from SS 07?
  4. An Antigua Cabas bag would be great!
  5. The peculiarity of this kind of bag, is that it can stay inside a little pochette... and it comes out to be filled when necessary... must be foldable;)
    I was thinking about something like the dust bags...
    :heart: :heart: Stephanie.
  6. I suppose you can use the dustbags for that. One of the drawstring ones would probably be the best for that purpose.
  7. ^I agree with Rebecca!

    Though none of my dustbags come with drawstring.....
  8. I carry one of those bags too!!!! For books or little things that I buy on my outings....execpt this foldable one is made by Prada....:p