an insert to make my paddy base flat, not sag?

  1. hi ladies,
    is there an insert you could buy to make the base of the paddy flat, and not sag down / hang? i prefer the look of the paddy when it maintains its rounded side profile / width, as opposed to hanging flat when carried..
    i hope that made sense..

    sorry if this has been discussed, but didn't know how to run a search for this!
    TIA for any pointers
  2. ie: to hang like the taupe, not like kate bosworth's:
    taupecarried.jpg tanbosworth.jpg
  3. i stuff the bottoms of my bags with air pockets to add weightless structure, but i don't know how convenient that is for others :shame:
  4. I use a medium Purseket.
  5. I've used layers of plain old tissue paper to keep my LV 30 from sagging.
  6. Hmm, I actually like the look of the bag when it sags. (sorry, I'm no help) I would think some tissue on the bottom of the bag, but it may not leave much room for your other things...
  7. How about a piece of cardboard in the base? I read lots of members use that in their speedy to keep it from sagging down. I like the slouchy look of the Paddy better myself.
  8. cardboard hmm? might give that one a go... i can't visualise how soft tissue paper would keep the base flat.. i'll try it.

    how does the purseket work to keep the base flat? i thought it was just a series of pockets for your things?
  9. The purseket kinda gently pushes against the walls of the bag so it gives it that more structured shape and hence leaves less sag for the bottom. Also, coz you're putting your stuff eg wallet, keys, mints, etc. into the purseket pockets, you're not dumping them just into the bag. So, the weight is more evenly distributed along the sides of the bag (where the purseket sits), rather than one big weight pushing on the bottom of the bag;). But of course if you carry something like a med filofax organiser and put that in the base, not in the purseket's pockets (as it won't fit), then you'll get some sag.
  10. ooh thanks for all your help ladies; i think i found the perfect solution!!
    right here on my computer table, i found a flexible plastic novelty parking sign; it's rectangular, matte, white, has rounded edges, flat and weighs nothing.. and it's the exact width of the paddy base! i stuck it in there, and it should work perfectly..
    how cool =)

    i'm definitely going to look into the purseket though.. it's such a cool idea. so, it's not just fabric - it has some "springy" structure? like a rolled-up plastic backing?
  11. I have a Purseket and I absolutely cannot live without it now. It does have structure, sort of a stiffness, but I am not sure how they do it. Someone suggested to me that I could also have a shoemaker cover a piece of cardboard with leather to insert in the bottom of the bag.