An Innovative Cell Phone Case

  1. I love buying small Louis accessories, because I can afford them more often then a bag, and they make everything look better!

    I wanted a cell phone case and opted for the "Cigarette Case" - It fits my cell phone perfectly, as well as most of my friend's cell phones - It's universal and looks beautiful.

    Just a suggestion!
  2. My girlfriend does that too!!! I think it's a fabulous idea!!!:nuts:
  3. I like this for I Pods too
  4. Yea, my friend is using this as her mobile phone case too..! I DID think of getting one for my mobile phone before but afraid that if I change phone, it might not fit my new phone... :P
  5. To be honest I thought that too, but so many people have "tested" their phones in my case, and it fits EVERTHING! If you think about it, most phones these days are smaller then a pack of cigarettes, so BUY AWAY!
  6. Hmm... :girlsigh: I think my LV wishlist is growing longer... :Push: :shame:
  7. i'm using mine for my cellphone too! :supacool:
  8. i've been using this for my dig camera for a few years now since i quit smoking....two years! yay!!:yahoo: :heart:
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