An Innocent Dream

  1. i was at a "siesta" type party at Hermes. there were palm trees and the sky was H Orange. there was a huge rectangular table set up in the middle of the store. everyone was serving themselves at the table. it was like an olive garden commercial. "when you're here, you're family" the food was threatening to spill out of the dishes and bowls as they were being passed around but nobody cared because it wasn't about the presentation. the sales associates let me try on diamond gladiator bracelets which looked berloody phenomenal..:drool:

    i kept thinking "how did i get so lucky?" but even in my dreams, nothing but the food and company @ Hermes was free :p. (i was really dying for the bracelet!--which btw doesn't actually exist. its a design in my dreams haha):love:
  2. It's so cute, Croissant. I think if it was my dream, I would wake with my heart palpitating and body in cold sweat! Especially for something unattainable. As it is, it was hard sleeping last night seeing Rockerchic's Blue Brighton with Rose Shocking interior ....
  3. What a lovelly dream, C! I always wake up laughing at myself whenever I have H dreams! I guess this is one of the marks of a true obsession!!
  4. Diamond gladiator bracelets and an immense amount of food! I love your subconscious imagination! I bet you're a ton of fun to hang out with.
  5. thanks coco :smile: i am a pretty good time!! are you coming to the ny meetup? i'll 95% be there!

    i woke up with a smile on my face like ahhhh...where's the party and the diamonds at Hermes? wound up going there today, actually and got a pig keychain and a twilly.
  6. E, you gotta stop eating cheese before you go to bed......
  7. *snort*
  8. [​IMG]