An informational post - I Apple conditioned my whiskey Ali today

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  1. First of all, I thank you all for weighing in on the decision whether or not to condition legacy leather. I thought long and hard on the topic, and finally decided that for me to be able to ever use and enjoy this bag without being a nervous wreck about it, I had to try to condition it. I ordered the Apple conditioner and PM'd fieldsinspring about how she did it, since she said she conditioned several legacy leather bags without incident. She kindly explained it me that you just condition it like any other bag, use a white sock and buff it in good. So that's exactly what I did. I tried it out on the underside of the strap first just to make sure I didnt get any blotching and it came out beautiful. Rich and smooth and silky. So on to the rest of the bag. I used a dime-size amount for each section - front flap, front of bag and pocket, back of bag, and sides/bottom/top of strap. I just rubbed it in gently and evenly, did the entire bag, then kinda went back over the whole bag with the already damp sock (my husband is now missing a sock!!). i left it out on a doorknob just to let it sit for an hour, and checked it again. It looks just beautiful. Perfect, no splotching, and really not that different. Maybe a tad deeper in color, which is fine with me. Im so happy I did this. The Apple conditioner feels thicker than the Coach conditioner - I think I will buy more of this stuff and use it from now on, even with my non-legacy bags. Im very pleased with the results, and now I know I will not be a freak about using it. I still probably will wait for the nicer weather and leave it home in the rain, but if I get caught outside in the elements I wont have a heart attack now! Heres a picture - you really cant see any difference. Ok and my little fishy came today, just in time to be placed on the finished product.
    conditioned ali fish 001.jpg conditioned ali fish.jpg
  2. Your Ali looks beautiful!! And I love the fish! And...Ooooo...I's loves the little bow!:love:
  3. She looks beautiful!!!!! You did an awesome job!!!! Love the little fishy too!!!
  4. Thank you for the detailed update on this. :tup:
  5. Thanks for posting your findings! I have some Apple leather care on the way to me that I bought to try on my whiskey Legacy shoulder bag, and I am excited at what good results you had.
  6. She looks gorgeous!!!

    it maybe a silly question.. but where do I buy the Apple conditioner? I want to condition one of my bags now ;)
  7. Thanks, guys! I'm so happy I got that fish - it is the cutest thing! One of Coach's nicest keychains ever, imo. Its so detailed! I also purchased the green polka dot scarf to use on this bag to give it a pop of color - unfortunately, it popped a little too much!!! It was a little too bright or something - just didnt like the color combo, so I went back to my old standby Legacy scarf. I may wind up getting another one of these - I tend to use it on all my bags w/the Legacy lining!
  8. Thanks for letting us know! It's a nice change from the usual "HELP CAN I CONDITION MY LEGACY BAG!" posts. (Not that I mind them. I've been guilty of quite a few of those posts too :smile:)
  9. Danielle, here is the link:

    Thanks for fieldsinspring for linking it to me. It is truly great stuff!
  10. Yea I figured I owed you guys an end results kinda post! Thanks!
  11. Your Ali is beautiful!!! Love the scarf and goldfish on it too!!!
  12. Thanks for the detailed instructions! Now if I ever get a legacy piece, I'll know exactly what to do!

    Love your bag, btw!!:tup:
  13. Thanks so much for the detail. You just reminded me to order the Apple conditioner and I just did it! Your bag and fishy are beautiful.
  14. yay! :yahoo: So glad you got it and used it.. it's great stuff! Your ali looks beautiful!!! and lol about your dh's sock!!!! :p
  15. I just ordered some! Thanks to you and Fields!:tup: