An informal poll

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  1. Besides the Speedy of course, what's your favorite "goes with anything" bag? Inquiring minds (namely, mine) want to know! :yes:
  2. the Papillon, maybe? and the Trouville
  3. Alma & papillon.
  4. alma, pap, noe..argh...pretty much I make sure it goes with everything LOL..
    I try to think hard before buying a bag, make sure it can goes well with my lifestyle and outfit.
  5. Papillion and musette
  6. Noe!:nuts: :graucho:
  7. If you really try, about any LV bag can be coordinated with anything.
  8. Medium looping
  9. the keepall will go with anything lol I took mine everywhere
  10. Ellipse :love:
  11. I think any mono or damier bag can go with everything.
  12. Papillon and/or the Popincourt Haut.
  13. batignolles and any cabas, for a tote, keepall for travel.
  14. I think pap
  15. I think any LV bag can be dressed up or down to go with just about everything.