~~ An Indelible *Empreinte* Reveal ~~

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  1. Thank you so much, Cali_Moon! :flowers: You have exquisite taste and always look so elegant with your purses. Amethyst is gorgeous, I may add a wallet in this color...however I still love Orient. Do you have a favorite wallet style in Empreinte?
    I was thinking of the Curieuse...
  2. What a beauty!
  3. Lol, me in my *momma's best* outfit?!?! The MM works perfectly, since I plan to carry this more as a purse. I tried on the GM and it's definitely not overwhelming, esp if you're toting around lots of extras! ;) Aww, thanks... the deep embossing is nice, but I also love the subtlety of your lighter embossing...gives it a softer, feminine touch! Thanks again, beautiful friend! :blush::hugs:
  4. It's gorgeous! Congrats

  5. Thank you for your sweet compliments. I only like zippy wallets but Curieuse is nice too.

  6. Your outfit is so adorable!! Ohhh the mm does suit, not only your stature, but also your needs best huh? I fear he GM would be too heavy. I really would've loved the mm with the bb's crossbody feature - it's a must have for me these days (always having to tote 2 bags to work).
    I honestly think that the black empreinte should be more deeply embossed since the color itself is already subtle. Just wanted a better reason to justify having two speedy type models in black.
    Enjoy in good health my darling friend. I am well on my way to "Pinterest" this onto my wishlist ;)
  7. Wow, great choice it's beautiful.
  8. Such a stunning bag...congrats!

  9. What a great reveal! Thank you so much for sharing all of these pics of your beautiful new bag!
    It really looks great on you, big congrats! Enjoy!
  10. Thanks so much for your input. Will see if the Zippy is still available in Orient, to compare with the Curieuse.
  11. Thanks so much Genette!:biggrin:

    Thank you Pmoua!:smile:

    Aww, thanks Kimbo!:smile:

    hi sweet Panders, thank you!:smile:

    Thank you very much Frivofrugalista!:biggrin:

    Thanks so much CoralCat! Happy to help others who might be considering this bag! :smile:
  12. Congrats! It looks perfect on you. :tup:
  13. This is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! The embossing is so nice and deep. You wear it so well. Thank you for sharing your pics. Now I want one hahaha!
  14. Beautiful! Great choice. Thanks for the modeling shots
  15. Thanks, love!! I do like bright blue with black (clothing, of course...lol)
    Well...for now the MM suits my needs...heh heh!!:graucho: The GM was slightly heavier than the MM but it might be comparable in weight to your E. Speedy 30.
    You are so sweet, I appreciate all your good wishes! Ok, you Pinterest the E. Montaigne while I Pinterest the E. Speedy!!:lol: