~~ An Indelible *Empreinte* Reveal ~~

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  1. Well, after quite possibly driving my SA over the edge with finding an Empreinte bag that suited me...Speedy (a VERY close 2nd) to Lumi to Fascinante...THIS ONE called me straight to the heart.

    Here's my new Montaigne MM in Noir Empreinte...with mod pics to show the versatility of this bag. Thanks for letting me share! :flowers:


    My lovely SA tucked the long strap in a sweet little drawstring pouch :smile:
    ...and *made a few calls* to locate an MiF (love MiU/MiS too!)


    I love how the lock has it's own little nesting place :P
    ...and dare I say the textured calfskin leather feels more divine than my Chanel Caviar...;)

  2. Beautiful! Congrats
  3. Just beautiful! Love the color and how well the print shows up! I'm green with envy!!
  4. I am happy for you! Your purse is beautiful.
  5. mod pics...for reference, I'm a petite 5' (sorry for the *messy* casual look...just got back from reading story-time to my twins' pre-school class!)

    long strap, with short straps held up together by the buckle


    arm-held (very lightweight, btw...even with my things inside


    hand-held, with long strap across the front


    long strap, with short straps tucked inside the bag

  6. Congrats....It's beautiful!!!!!
  7. Congrats ...such a beautiful choice and design. Thanks for taking the time to share all the different usage options too... you look lovely:heart::heart::love:
  8. Congratulations!
  9. hi dear ShalomJude! thank you so kindly...I have learned from you that it takes time & patience (easier said than done, lol!) to find the right piece that speaks to you...your impeccable collection inspires me so! wishing you well, as always! :hugs::flowers:
  10. It's so versatile, I think I need to add this to my growing list. Congrats!
  11. Aww, thank you MommielovesLV!:smile:

    How sweet of you...thanks hart88hart!:P

    Thank you SweetDaisy!:smile:

    Thanks so much Cheidel!:biggrin:

    Thank you very much DOVELV!:smile:
  12. Stunning . Looks good on you .Congrats
  13. Absolutely beautiful choice! And it looks great on you :smile:
  14. WOWWWWWWWWWW *gassssppsss*
    So amazing! I'm so jelly! Looks totally amazing on you. Definitely a bag on my wishlist now!
  15. congrats!