An Incentive to exercise and lose weight...

  1. so i just bought a Damier speedy 25 yesterday and i am already thinking about what to get next... lol
    and after reading all you fabulous ladies' experiences in losing weight and after looking at myself in the mirror, i've decided that i need to really whip myself in shape...
    so i have set up a goal and incentive for myself that when i lose 20lbs i will treat myself to the LV popincourt haut... :angel:

    with that in mind, i got on my treadclimber at home and started, ever slowly, working toward that goal... i hope i can do it! sooner rather than later!! :P

    what are some of your little rewards or incentive that motivate you to keep on with those exercises and weight loss??
  2. good for you, sometimes you need an incentive to get you motivated. I know I certainly do and could be doing with loseing some weight! Good luck!
  3. This is sooo odd!!! I have the exact same incentive and number of pounds!!! :lol:

    I told myself that if I lose 20lbs by the time I go to Paris I'll buy two handbags - Speedy 25 and PH. But if I don't hit my goal I only get to leave with the Speedy 25.

    For some reason it also lessons the guilt of spending an extra $900!!! Let's motivate each other. :wlae:
  4. hah that's great!! and i love the fact that whether or not you hit the goal, you still get at least one LV bag... you got to tho, you are going to Paris!!! so how long do you have to lose that 20lb?

    and that's my mentality too! i feel that if i lose the weight i will have excuse to treat myself so i don't have to feel as guilty about spending that $900!!! :yahoo:
  5. I've lost 8 pounds (whoohoooo) and my goal was to lose 15. I doubt I will but I promised myself that if I DID manage to lose the 15, I'd get myself some chanel earrings. The only problem is, I don't want them anymore! hahah so I have to find a new incentive for myself.. I'm thinking.. maybe a new LV wallet??

    Good luck with your weight loss!! It's great that you've decided to! Half of the battle is just getting off your butt and deciding to lose weight.
  6. Yeah, I had already decided that I must get an LV piece while in Paris. I then started to feel guilty about wanting the PH 'cus lately I've been spending like a fiend. I knew I wanted to lose 20lbs before my trip but I was kinda falling off the horse. So finally I told myself..."ok, if you lose 20lbs you can buy a PH along with your Speedy". And that did it for me! I told my hubby and he said, "ok, I'm going to hold you to it!". Since we share a bank account I know I definitely couldn't cheat! :yes:

    I gave myself 2.5 months...that's about 2lbs a week. So far I've lost 1lb. :roflmfao:
  7. when i lost 21 pounds, which was the first goal that weight watchers had set for me, i bought myself a Tiffany necklace. when i get to my final goal, which is a ways away (but definately attainable!), i'm going to buy myself my first Chanel bag.
  8. I wish I had the money for an incentive like a LV Damier Speedy. The biggest incentive for me is fitting and looking better in cuter clothes. I'm working on it ;) !
  9. Great idea!! You can sooo do it!!

    When I lost 25 pounds I bought my first Coach handbag, and when I hit 50, I got the matching wallet, now when I hit lifetime (on WW) I am getting an LV!

    I also add a charm to an Italian charm bracelet for each five pounds I lose. Adds to the fun.

    Good luck!! :o)

  10. I'm really lucky in that my husband is very supportive of me losing weight. For every 10 pounds I lose, I get a gift. So, the first 10 is going to be a new perfume I like, the second 10 is going to be a new Coach purse that I LOVE ... I haven't figured out the rest of the gifts I want yet, but I think that when I get to my WW goal I want to get a LV! (and a whole new wardrobe. :angel: )

    Of course, the biggest incentive/motivation is being healthier and being able to play with my child if/when I have one! (I saw a commercial one time with an overweight lady who had to sit on the bench when she took her child to the park and the child was crying bc his mom wouldn't play with him... it was a commercial for some weight loss program, but it touched my heart and made me cry for days. That's when I seriously realized I needed to lose some weight. I don't EVER want to be that type of mother!!!!!!)
  11. You should have change it to NO PARIS, nothing :smile:

    Losing weight is a reward in itself, and with're likely to buy some new clothes.
  12. when i was actively losing weight i tried to do something nice for myself every week that i lost (no matter how big or small that loss was). just something small...a new cd or hair clip or bottle of nail polish.

    every 10 lbs i treat myself to a couple new pieces of clothing (usually pants, b/c after 10 lbs my pants start to not fit)

    when i hit a big goal (ie 10% of body weight, fitting into a size 10 again, etc) i've treated myself to the spa, bought a speedy, bought a pair of sevens, etc.

    i also like to do reoccuring things...for instance when i reach a certain weight i'll let myself get a mani and keep getting one long as i keep the weight off or continue to lose. that works really well too.