An Hermes Spa Visit Prior to Consigning???

  1. I am considering consigning two of my H bags at a local shop and have been pondering whether to have each cleaned and conditioned prior to doing so. In your experience, would a freshly cleaned and moisturized bag be substantially more attractive to potential buyers? Neither has been in for service for approximately two years...yet are in lovely condition.

    My thanks!
  2. how do the bags look now?

    its nice to have that spa receipt to give to the shop....

    but if they don't need it I wouldn't....
  3. I agree with Guccigal.
  4. Thanks Guccigal and HH. I believe I'll check with the owner of the store (with whom I have a relationship) to see if she has a preference...and proceed from there.
  5. I've always asked the craftsman if the item needed cleaning, when I knew I wanted to pass it on. Sometimes it needed it and sometimes it didn't. I admit that having that Hermes cleaning receipt to give to the next owner seems to be a bonus for some buyers.
  6. I can see where a cleaning receipt would be a bonus. There wouldn't be an issue with autheniticty...and I guess it's like having your car serviced from the dealer. It shows that they were "taken care of".
  7. I'd be impressed with a seller who had sent a bag to the spa before consigning. Would really get my attention and probably would be the decision maker for me if there was more than one bag I was interested in.
  8. I've shopped (and even worked) in consignment shops in the past - the key to remember is that consignment shops are convenient, and you lose a fair piece of money in exchange for the convenience. So, assuming that the shop you are working with takes fifty percent - will the cleaning reciept be worth another $400 to a potential buyer?
    The answer might be yes - it is a sign of authenticity, and makes things prettier. But if the shop appraisers are respected in your area (have never taken fakes, and can weed out fakes well) they will eliminate the authenticity question. If they are respected, and the bags look nice, I wouldn't take them to the spa - save that for the buyer. If the answer to either of those questions is a no, take it to the spa.