An Hermes (kinda) Wedding in NY

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  1. What does this have to do with Hermes, you ask?

    Read what the bride does for a living.

    Can you imagine all those trips to Paris all the time? This would be a dream job, and really challenging too. This is akin to society news for our Hermes hounds out there I think!

    This clipping is from the May 13, 2007 Weddings & Celebrations column in The Sunday New York Times.
    yang tai hermes .jpg
  2. Mhmm. I've seen her in the store before and it was pointed out to me who she is.
  3. Fantasy job....
  4. Amazing job!

    Both of their parents also have amazing jobs :yes:
  5. WOW, they are so cute, too. Looks like they are all set to have a lovely orange box filled life of fun and travel!!

    Congratulations to them both....droolworthy jobs, all round!!! Wonder what bags she has??!!
  6. I wonder what her collection is like!?
  7. I wonder if she reads/posts here??
  8. I wonder if it is to her, just another job in retail planning?
  9. ^^^That is so COOL!! Great article, great jobs, DREAMING!!:heart:
  10. Oooo ... Jackson Tai's son and new daughter in law! DBS is the largest local bank in SG.