An Hermes Fairytale . . . Once Upon a Time

  1. Once upon a time, I wished for a Chartreuse Mou Clemence Bolide with PHW. I called my Hermes Alaska SA and lots of Hermes Boutiques and although there were many Mou Clemence Bolides with PHW, none was Chartreuse. My Hermes Alaska SA promised to scour the land for Chartreuse.

    Meanwhile, I also searched high and low, and in the process I stumbled upon a few other dream bags -- a Black Mou Clemence Bolide GHW; a Rouge H Haut a Courroies PHW; and a Black Box Calf Maharana Clutch. And all came home to live with me. But still, no Chartreuse.

    I got a call from my Hermes Alaska SA at noon today, when I just happened to be in Manhattan. She was very excited and said that she'd reserved something for me, and that it was a surprise. I promised to come to Hermes Madison later this afternoon.

    What could it be?
  2. :nuts: You are on a roll!!!
  3. BLACK POROSUS CROC 30 BIRKIN WITH DIAMONDS ?? :confused1::confused1:

    no, I take that back.... Chartreuse Bolide with PHW !
  4. omg you were in manhattan! i could have met you and see the end of this fairy tale in person!!!
  5. Go fish.
  6. Naw.
    Truthfully, I'm more of an indoors kinda guy. Not like nerdy-techie but I definitely don't favor the outdoorsy-tent kind of life.

    OH, you were referring to the children's card game... :yes:

    Chartreuse Birkin :confused1:

  7. Yes! And there was a Chartreuse Mou Bolide PHW, too, so I got to see both before making my decision.
  8. YES!

    30 or 35?
  9. Hmmmm, 30cm chartreuse Birkin?
  10. It's in my favorite size, 35cm.
  11. But, which one did I get? Which one would you choose?
  12. I think you got the Birkin ^^!

    Personally, I'd choose a 50 cm Black Croc Travel Birkin, but that's cuz I'm a guy :smile:
  13. Nope. I say she got the Bolide!
  14. I vote Birkin..... :popcorn:
  15. HAHA HG..

    2 against 1.

    Ouch..I just burnt my tongue on baked beans..