an heloise? a bay? or maybe an ava??

  1. hello ladies, please help me: I want to buy a chloé bag... And... dunno which one!
    Can you help me chose it??? :shame:
    An ava one?
    An heloise one?
    Or a bay one?

    Dunno even which is the better one for this winter season and the next one :push:
    Hope you can help me!
  2. ahhhh... the eternal question!

    I love the heloise at the moment, because it's got such great leather, with a lovely grain... the bay is a litle more dressy, I think, and is good if you like trench coats or tailored overcoats. for ava, i could take it or leave it!
  3. It would be btwn the heloise and quilted bay for me. I don't think you could go wrong with either one of those. If I had to choose btwn those two it would depend on the color. Do you have colors in mind? I don't care too much for the ava.
  4. I second the opinions above but I do have to add that it really doesn't matter what we think! You must have a preference and you should get what makes you so thrilled you can hardly stand it. Then later you will just end up buying ALL of them anyway....that's how it gets around here. We are all addicts.
  5. i love the quilted bay :smile:
  6. Another vote for the heloise or quilted Bay.
  7. ahahha! yeah, I pretty like the quilted bay and the heloise... Maybe th bay one more...
    Color? Mhmm.. brown or beige :nuts:
  8. I vote for the heloise. My boss just got one in a dark brown and it is beautiful, much nicer in person than in pictures.
  9. All are great bags, I own an Ava, and it's a great bag, but the Heloise is a beautiful bag and newer style, think I would go for that.
  10. heloise :smile:
  11. Heloise or Quilted Bay :love:

    :heart: I own a quilted moka bay and I love it!!!
  12. I would choose the Heloise. I love the look of the bag and I can see it staying popular for some time to come.
  13. Hard choice there! I love all of those bags, I have the large Ava and I love it. She is so very functional, I can use her when I'm out with the kids(crossbody) or out for lunch with the girls(on my forearm or shoulder).
    I love the Heloise and bay too, but my first choice of the latter would be the bay. Something about it, imho, is just mezmerizing!!!
  14. ahahhaha!! so.. heloise or bay.. Hard choice, really... I'm gonna think about it... thx ladies :love:
  15. I love them both. If it were me though, I'd choose the Heloise. Good luck with your decision, it'll be a tough one!