An eyeliner that DOES NOT run?

  1. I think I've tried every eyeliner out there... including liquid! And NOTHING has managed to stay on for over 2 hours:cursing:. I think my skin is just super-moist all the time (especially in the summer).

    Suggestions!? (Putting finishing powder on also does not work on me.) :sad:
  2. Argh, can't help you there! Seems like everything I put on my eyes will eventually run after a while. Hopefully we can both get some enlightenment here!!
  3. Dior waterproof eyeliner is good!
  4. I use smashbox creme eyeliner--it stays put. I also use Urban Decay Primer Potion on my eyelids first.
  5. The best for me seems to be gel eyeliners, especially bobbi brown's. I have the worst problem with eyeliners & mascara not staying put, and this doesnt move at all, and I've tried everything. MAC works well also, but can shadow a bit on me. It has a nice variety of colors though.
  6. Thanks for the replies!!! I'll try these out pronto! :yahoo:
  7. i 2nd the mac liquidlast liners. great assortment of colors too. u will need an oil based eye makeup remover, it takes a lot to remove this sucker at times.
  8. Same here (Smashbox), my color is Smashing Caviar. :tup:
  9. I have the same problem - I've tried Bobbi Brown gel liner, Smashbox cream eyeliners, Mac fluidlines and Stila smudge pot eyeliners. I have to say that the Stila comes in first for me and Mac fluidlines and Smashbox ties for second and Bobbie Brown comes in third.
  10. I like the Bobbie Brown gel liner. It really does stay put. I live at the beach and trust me, it doesn't move.
  11. Playboy makeup artist Katie B has an eyeliner kit which includes a liner plus black powder to set it which has gotten really good reviews:
  12. I just started using Mac Fluidline and LOVE it. You can move it a little when first applying it, but once it is set it doesn't move. I have had no smudging!

  13. ooooh, this sounds good :okay:
  14. I prefer Bobbi Brown gel liner, but also like MAC Fluidline for the color variety.