An eye-POPPYing instant reveal

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  1. Wow. Amazing. Congrats and enjoy
  2. Love it!! Thanks for taking a natural light picture, it really helps to see the true color.
  3. Wow!!! She's amazing!
  4. Beautiful color! Congratulations !
  5. Beautiful bag in a gorgeous color, Congrats! And the embossing looks nice and deep too!
  6. What a stunning bag!
  7. Beautiful!! Enjoy!!
  8. BEAUTIFUL!! I've just ordered mine thru my SA. Can't wait!!:yahoo:
  9. Absolutely stunning!!
  10. Pretty!
  11. wow!! Def eye catching. congrats!
  12. Wow what a gorgeous color and a beautiful bag.
  13. Wow! Stunning!
  14. Gorgeous. I'm in love with that bag!

  15. I'm so happy you ordered it. I hope you love it!! Please post reveal when it's here ;)