An EXTRA Special Reveal for an EXTRA Special Friend...In Memory of Mr. Miyagi!

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  1. This is a different kind of reveal. However it does include Coach!

    It is to give a Special Thank You to a Special Friend after the loss of her beloved Mr. Miyagi.

    As we all know, our friend LVoeShopping lost her sweet lil Min Pin last week. She was just devastated, as was I after reading the horrible news. Anyone who has a pet that they consider their "baby" as we do would have felt the loss right along with her.

    My Abby Girl, who in the past has often been the STAR of my reveals, often overshadowing the bag completely is a favorite of alot of fellow tpf'ers. LVoeShopping and I shared the love of our furbabies and always commented on the pup more so than the Coach. I know that she loved Mr. Miyagi as if he were one of her real children.

    So, a day or two after Mr. Miyagi's passing, LVoe PM'd me to ask if Abby could wear an XS collar. She had found a collar purchased for her lil buddy NWT and wanted Abby to have it. I told her that Abby would be honored to wear it and promised her a pic of Abby sporting the collar.

    The collar came today and upon opening it, I cried a few tears and said a lil prayer for Mr. M.

    As are a few pics of Abby wearing the collar...
  2. Abby and I spent the entire day today outside trimming hedges and cleaning the yard. Please excuse this tired baby girl. She was about to fall asleep as I was taking the pics!





  3. Aww, what a loving gesture! What a great way to remember Mr. M!
    Aby looks like she's ready for a nap after all that hard work outside today!
  4. A few more...



    And after this one, she gave me "the look" and I knew she was down for the count...


    Thank You LVoeShopping....Again I am SO sorry for your loss. Abby will wear this gorgeous collar proudly and I will think of your baby everytime I put it on her.

    God Bless You...You are truly one of a kind! One of the best here on tpf!:smooch:
  5. What a nice gesture. Mr. Miyagi has become a friend to all of us and we are sorry for his passing!
  6. She was bless her heart. She ran all over the yard. And with those lil 3 inch legs, she was give out. I brought her inside and had to give her a bath to get all the grunge off of her! But I wanted to show how appreciative we are to LV and Thank her for thinking of Miss Abby!
  7. Oh how sweet! My furbaby is a cat...but you're so right..they do become our kids. Abby looks so cute in her new collar!
  8. Such a touching story. I was so sorry to hear about the loss of Mr. Miyagi. Abby looks beautiful in her new collar.
  9. Thanks Ladies...I was heartbroken to read about it that day. It was such a sweet thing for her to do and I wanted to remind everyone here how close we all become after time. Abby was pooped today so I will try to get a better pic tomorrow!
  10. What a touching story! Your little girl looks so cute with her new collar! I loved looking at LVoeShopping reveals with Mr. Miyagi his cute little face will be missed.
  11. The camaraderie amongst members here is really something. :smile:
  12. I'm just all choked up. I had to give Kayden a kiss since he's got his head on my leg on the bed right now. I felt so about Mr. Miyagi, too. I can't believe how wonderful the ladies are here are to each other in the worst of times.
  13. This is soooo soooo sweet , I have tears in my eyes. She is the sweetest and best of tpf!!!
  14. I just cried when I saw this thread, that little fire hydrant charm will forever remind me of Mr. Miyagi running full speed to me when I'd call his name. I am so happy that the collar fit Abby, it definitely brings a smile to my face :smile: it couldn't of found a better home!!! K - you are an amazing doggie mamma and a wonderful person with a heart as good as gold. Thank you for lending an ear when I needed it the most :hugs: I am so grateful to tPF for all the amazing people I have met via my love for Coach.

    Abby girl, rock it, you look gooood!!!! :happydance:
  15. God Bless You Sweet J! You are truly one of a kind Doll!

    And Abby was a lil worse for the wear here in these pics. She played hard all day and I gave her a good scrub before I put the collar on. She gave me a time trying to brush her a bit but she wanted you to know that she loves it...even tho she was falling asleep. ;)

    I will get a much perkier pic of her tomorrow!

    Thanks again!