An expensive weekend... before the price hike

  1. Well this weekened some of you may know I went to LV to get a new cles... I was trying to decide between the Red Epi and the Damier. Due to the high number of votes, and how gorgeous it looked IRL:heart: , I got the Red Cles.:yahoo:

    Then I got home and received some really bad news in the mail (bad test results)... and was really upset:crybaby: ... so my DH turned me right around and we went back to LV to get a purse which would help cheer me up/keep my mind off of the bad news and the prognosis :sad:(at least for a while) :s

    Anyway... I got the Damier Knightsbridge!! WOW! So please, enjoy my new pieces... which I am thrilled about! And even more I love that my husband knew that I needed something really special at the moment, to distract me and keep me from losing it. What a love. :love:

    PS-- I bought them both with my money, but we have a deal that we consult each other for big purchases... that's how I am kept in check and on a perpetual "purse ban"... otherwise... I might not be as responsible. ;)Ha ha.
    IMG_0555.JPG IMG_0566.JPG IMG_0558.JPG IMG_0564.JPG IMG_0559.JPG
  2. Aldavis7--your purchases are beautiful. Your DH sounds so weet and understanding!:yes:
    I hope you are going to be ok. Please keep us posted.:flowers:
  3. Great purchases, thry're both beautiful.
  4. i lOVE the knightsbridge- really beautiful, and great opening! the cles is lovely, too- it will go nicely with the knightsbridge. i truly hope you will be healthy very soon. you will be in my thoughts & prayers for good health!
  5. as i dont like cles,so i say the damier is cute!!
  6. Those are really gorgeous, congrats! How very sweet of your husband and I hope everything turns out ok.
  7. them both. you have a really sweet Husband
  8. First of all I hope that everything turns out ok, and second you have a wonderful husband I wish mine would do that everytime I'm down. Your purchases are beautiful.
  9. I am so jealous! I was supposed to go Friday and get the Knightsbridge but work got busy. :cry:

    I think that I will probably just order it off eLux today or tomorrow. I wanted to actually "try it on" first, but the nearest LV is two hours away and I don't think that I can find the time before the price increase.

    It's beautiful! CONGRATS!!!

    PS I hope that your test results were for school or something that can retake, and not medical. If it was medical, good luck and I will keep you in my prayers!
  10. I love how you paired the damier with the red cles. What a darling bag! And how sweet of him to know what a girl needs:yes:

    I'm so sorry to hear you have some health problems but I want to toss some good vibes for feeling better


    right into that open damier

    there ya go!

    you take good care and enjoy your LV!!
  11. I hope everything turns out okay. Love your purchases...I saw the knightbridge in person and it is gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. beautiful! i like how the bag opens up
  13. First, I really hope everything will be ok.

    And then, omg I love your buys :heart: So clad you got the red epi, I voted for it :P It is so beautiful. And your Knightsbridge is TDF. They look both soooo good.
    Your DH is sweetest ever.
  14. I hope everything is ok. Enjoy your new things!
  15. Your new purchases look fantastic and your husband is very thoughtful! :smile:

    Hope you're feeling better soon!