An Exchange Story...

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  1. I recently bought the new Sutton (medium/black) and *loved* it! I started carrying it crossbody, I noticed how badly the straps were pulling on the inner lining of the bag. I did not have my bag filled with stuff and the bag felt quite light. But, it continued to pull. I then started noticing the saffiano leather starting to bend where the straps were pulling. I tried hooking the strap to the short handle attachments, but it made the bag too short and it wasn't comfortable.

    So...I went to Belk today and exchanged for the luggage Selma! I am so glad I did! The moment I put all of my things in it and put it on crossbody, I knew this was the one. So comfortable and not heavy.

    The bag had a scuff on the glazing, though, so I asked the SA if they had any others in stock. She said she did and went to find it. But, she did not actually have any luggage Selmas in stock. She called 3 other Belk stores for me and they were all sold out of the the luggage color. Being the awesome SA that she was, she said She would get the manager to approve an additional discount (I was already getting 20% due to the ongoing sale). So the manager came over and was SO rude! She said "that's just glue." I showed her how it was a scuff in the glazing and she said, very annoyed like "well, the best I can do is 10% because I can just send this bag back to MK". Due to it being a very minor scuff, I gladly accepted the 10% as it made the bag 30% off.

    What annoyed me most was that the manager was so rude and I wasn't even the one asking for a discount. But, all's well that ends well. The SA apologized for the rude manager and completed my exchange. I am very, very happy with my decision! I'm also loving the luggage color. It's perfect for my very casually dressed self.

    So, here is my new bag and I am on a self-imposed BAN until my vacation in July! 😜

  2. So glad that you got the bag you love- it's beautiful!!!
  3. luggage is the best ! it's the most used bag of my collection !
  4. Beautiful bag & I love your key chain!
  5. Soo glad it worked out for you!! :tup:
  6. It's funny that the sa was nicer to you than the manager. I'm glad you got such a good deal. Your selma is beautiful. Congrats!!!!!