An 'Everyday' Bag

  1. Hi,

    Am looking for a bag which can be used for work and casual? Been searching for awhile and I still don't know which design would be suitable. Prefer a hobo though.

    Thanks in advance.:p
  2. How about the Abbey Ellipse? It is hobo-ish and is like a tote which would be good for work.
  3. britt hobo!
  4. Thanks for your reply, kavnadoo and tabbi. Any pics?
  5. Definately Brit hobo or even large horsebit hobo
  6. For a canvas bag I like


    For a leather bag I like either



  7. How much stuff are you planning to put into this bag? That should be part of your criteria.
  8. Hmm.. tink wallet, keys, card holder, make-up pouch, phone, tissue...thats about it... Think a hobo would fit my things..but no idea which one? Been looking at the web for weeks..
  9. Sure thing pebz. Here is mine. The one on the left is the one I was referring to. The one on the right looks really nice in the same leather and canvas as the one on the left. I got the 2nd on sale.

  10. How about something like this?

  11. This one looks good! But I don't remember seeing this @ my local store. Is it comfortable on the shoulders? I have looked at the 'wave' hobo too..but too bad, it only comes in large on my end..wondering if the medium will come in..That will also be a good choice.. What do you think?
  12. Yeah I am not sure if they still have this one. I bought it just a month or so ago. The wave hobo might be a bit big and what I don't like about it is that is has a small shoulder drop. I like this one cos it is smaller than both the wave and the horsebit hobos, which are too big for me.
  13. Does it sit well on shoulders? Comfortable? I did think about the Princy Hobo but it 'sags' too much if there are too many things esp when its heavy. Geez..this is tough.. I think yours is nice..whats the model name? You bought it in Australia? Price? Thanks in advance.
  14. upz!
  15. Oopies I didn't answer your question, yes it is very comfortable on the shoulders. I have only used it once or twice and it is a very comfortable bag. Sits very nicely. I don't know what it was called but this was on the receipt.

    Item Code 802224327
    Description 9643 GOLDIE MED HOBO ORIG GG.

    And the original retail was 770 AUD. I got it for about 550 AUD (approx 440 USD) from memory.