An every day bag for work

  1. Hello Chanelies,

    I am looking for a bag to use every day for work do you have any suggestions for me?

    I would be very greatful for any advice as to what is best, I already have the classic flap in lambskin and the cambon messenger style bag but want something bigger and more durable.

    Thanks x
  2. How about a jumbo caviar black flap?
  3. Thanks czo28, do you know how much it is in £?
  4. I am not too good with money conversions.
  5. Sorry, how much is it where you are?
  6. Here in the US it's $2250.
  7. ooh thats £1,125 what's the availability like in the US as I am in NY in December?
  8. The price for a jumbo flap would go up in Nov 1 to $2650 (so about GBP 1325.00)
  9. Thanks Eiffel21, do you know what the availability is in NY as we dont have the jumbo with silver h/w in the UK?
  10. How about a GST or a cerf tote?
  11. ARe u looking for a structured bag...a tote?or an unstructured bag?
  12. Hmm, well if you have to carry files and such, I'd look into the GST, or Cerf if I were you (check out the reference library for some pictures). :smile: If you just need a bag with a larger capacity in general, then the Jumbo classic flap, or 227 reissue could work!
  13. I'd go for the GST too. That's what I have and I use it as an everyday bag. I love it because it's big enough for me to carry everything I need for both my jobs and it has several compartments and pockets that keep me organized!

  14. I'd go with the Chanel Cerf tote - classic and conservative for the workplace.
  15. Hi, I use the jumbo caviar for work - it's a great size. Got it at Selfridges a few months ago for GBP1,150.