An eventful trip to Chanel...

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  1. Well, I was having issues with the wallet I bought less than a month ago
    some threads were coming undone and sticking up). So, I thought I would take
    it back to the boutique I bought it at, which happened to be the one located in
    Holt Renfrew. Well, apparently I can't get my money back from Chanel. Store policy.
    This is what I was told. Store credit only.

    Not only did that happen, the manager continued to tell
    me there was "nothing wrong" with my wallet. I had to go to the store manager
    (Of Holt Renfrew) to get an agreement sorted out. Unfortunately, the agreement
    doesn't give me my money back. I get a store credit to any boutique.

    What I'm going to get with said store credit is yet to be determined, as I
    Really have no more interest in buying any Chanel goods.
  2. OOoh, sorry this has happened to you. The SAs should work a little harder to make you happy. I don't mean completely breaking policies, but should behave in a way so you feel ok witht he decision. I hope you find something in the future from Chanel that interests you!
  3. Just curious why you're not happy with the store credit? Do you not want to replace your wallet?

    I would want a refund just based on the principle, though, so I understand where you're coming from.
  4. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience :sad:. However, it is true that they can't give out refunds. At least that's what it says on the bottom of my old receipts (no cash refunds, and store credit within 14 days).

  5. I returned a bag to holt renfrew's chanel boutique in toronto for a full refund. that is strange they told you no returns.
  6. Agreed. I have shopped at several different Chanel boutiques and have saved all my receipts, dating back a couple years. They ALL say refunds are issued within 14 days of purchase; otherwise a store credit is issued.

    Sorry you're soured on the Chanel experience. Maybe you could find someone on TPF who wants to buy something at Chanel and exchange the credit with them.

  7. I understand the whole refund in 14 days policy, but my problem was that I had a defect. It wasn't that I didn't like what I had originally purchased. I was more than heartbroken that my wallet was defective. Also, I purchased it at the Holt Renfrew boutique, not a freestanding Chanel. I thought that would have made it different, but Chanel policy overrules.

    Also, getting store credit isn't quite what "miffed" me. It was the way the boutique manager behaved, and handled the situation. She was incredibly rude, and argued with me that there was nothing wrong with my wallet. I suppose I was under the misconception that when spending that much money on a wallet, you would want to make sure your customers are happy (within reason, of course). Instead, this manager soured me completely on Chanel. I'm young, and you'd think that the manager would want to "hook" me on the brand so I continue to keep buying it throughout the rest of my life. However, I guess this wasn't the case.

    I'll be taking my store credit to the freestanding Chanel boutique and hope I get treated like a human being.

    Sorry to rant, but I felt I had to get this off my chest.:sad:
  8. ick, sounds like Holt Renfrow CS issue :tdown:
    Sorry that happened!
  9. Did you ask for a full refund upfront? Did you explore the possibility of having a replacement or repair? It seems to me that if it's only a case of certain threads coming undone, this can be easily fixed.

    Also, if you have already used your wallet for a month, you would understand why the manager wouldn't want to give you a refund but then you got store credit right? Of course her attitude was probably unwarranted. Just so you know, in my part of the world and also Europe this 14 days return policy and store credit are fairly common. Because of this, I never have to worry about buying an item that has been used by some random people. It also makes people like me think twice before purchasing an item.

    Just my 2p.
  10. im so sick of chanel holt in Van.. the pearls of my earrings fell off i got them repaired and not even a week later they fell out again i called vancouver holt so many times left them messages and they didnt even call me back !!! i sent an email to the manager lets see if she replies

    and when i went to go pick up my earrings the first time the SA just threw them in a bag .. im like ughh im so over chanel to

    so i feel your pain :heart:
  11. I'm assuming it's a Chanel credit and not a HR credit? (Because then you could buy anything you like at HR with it.)

    I'm sure you'll find something you love at the Boutique and I hope they treat you better! :yes:
  12. I'm not sure if it's an HR CS issue or a Chanel CS issue... The Chanel boutique is located within Holt Renfrew, and takes HR gift cards... but won't give you HR store credit. Only Chanel. That's why I was so confused as to why I was only getting Chanel store credit. I would much rather take my business to another company, but it just isn't possible.:weird:

    PS we need a cross-eyed emoticon, as this whole situation has left me cross-eyed.
  13. Thanks to all who have responded.
  14. Yes, it would have been easier to just go into another department and spend your credit somewhere else in the store.

    I guess all the SAs work for Chanel and not Holt Renfrew. Chanel does just lease the space.

    Funny how the HR Chanels are not run as well as the Boutiques though.
  15. in the uk,its ilegal not to give a full refund,for faulty goods,a lot of uk stores say no refunds,only a credit note,but if you quote the law,ive found that credit note quickly turns into cash,even after a month,as goods are suppose to last longer than that, but most people just except what a store says,id understand if just buyers remorse,but for a FAULTY item REFUND ONLY